Building a website is a straightforward process, especially if you’re only trying to keep it plain and simple. However, you must step up your game if you want something that attracts your tech clients. As you know, people in the tech industry have high expectations regarding technological tools, such as websites. So, the only way you can make them enjoy browsing your site is to show them how technologically-advanced your business is. That way, they can be interested in what you offer.

Of course, one of the best ways to build a website that catches the attention of tech businesses is to follow the latest trends. Even the best managed IT services New Orleans and those from other states recommend it. So, which current web design trends may help you attract even the biggest players in the tech industry? Check them out below.

1. Focusing On Accessibility

Designing a website with accessibility in mind allows all types of visitors to the webpage. It will ensure that a website can cater to all users, especially people with disabilities. Doing so attracts tech companies as they, like many other businesses, prioritize appealing to a broader customer base nowadays. And a website accessible to people with disabilities may allow them to reach out to a new group of prospects they may have left out in the past. By utilizing web design company services that specialize in creating accessible websites, businesses can ensure that their online presence is inclusive and welcoming to all users. This not only enhances the user experience but also opens up opportunities for reaching a wider audience and tapping into previously untapped markets.

As a web developer or designer, you can make your websites accessible by using good color combinations that work well for color-blind people, putting captions on your videos, and making buttons and clickable links larger, among other accessibility features. 

2. Mobile-Friendly First

Employees in most tech companies now spend a significant amount of time on their smartphones and tablets as part of their daily operations. Thus, if the websites you’re designing aren’t mobile-friendly, you lose the chance of attracting potential new tech clients. It’s also essential to note that creating a mobile-friendly website helps your tech clients cater to a broader customer base, allowing everyone in their market access to their website anytime. That’s why catering to every audience is now considered one of the B2B website design best practices.

3. Asymmetric Design

Asymmetry has been one of the go-to trends over the past year, and it’s still one of the top techniques up to this day. It makes the website layout properly grid out and provides an edge to the site’s overall look. Different elements on the website can also look good on their own due to the asymmetrical approach. An asymmetric design gives a web page the impression of being modern, something that tech businesses constantly strive to do for their products or services. 

4. Increase in 3D Elements

3D elements make websites pop, helping a site stand out from its competitors. Therefore, it’s a great way to attract potential tech clients, especially those who truly value innovation and modernization. In addition to a modern look and feel, the use of 3D elements makes a website realistic, enticing users to spend more time browsing and navigating the page. So, creating a 3D site for your tech clients allows them to enjoy interactive pages, which their own customers and prospects would surely enjoy, too.

5. Micro Animation

Along with adding 3D elements, incorporating micro animations makes the website feel alive. Implementing this innovation attracts tech clients as you can help provide an immersive experience to their customers. 

There are a lot of ways to integrate animations into a website. You can add them through navigation, where the site’s appearance changes whenever a user scrolls through a webpage. This technique can benefit a website by breaking it into different categories. Aside from this, many websites also use the hover animation, wherein elements will animate once hovered. Many other animation techniques help attract and retain visitors to a website, turning them into potential clients or customers.

6. Unique Fonts

A tech business always looks for a website that can provide them with the most innovative and updated technologies as much as possible. Adding unique fonts can help make things more interesting and prevent their site from becoming outdated and boring. 

Unique fonts can also help a website send the message appropriately to its users. For example, an opening headline, followed by a bunch of text, allows a site to be more engaging and fun to read if the fonts used are unique and new to the eyes. Instead of being straightforward with how the texts are presented, get creative on how they appear on a page. Web pages that seem bland have no place in today’s increasingly competitive web development market.

7. Colorful Gradients

A colorful website can be even more pleasing to the eyes if it uses colorful gradients. A gradient allows a range of colors to be displayed in smooth transitions, making the site appear more creative and imaginative. 

Gradients are usually used as a background for a website, adding more depth to it. And since you’re using a new way to explore how your background behaves instead of flat images and colors – something that’s out of the ordinary –, it can help attract your tech clients.

8. Light And Dark Mode

Many websites now offer users an option to change the pages’ appearance between light and dark modes whenever they want. Most users prefer a light background when browsing a site’s pages. However, for people sensitive to bright illuminations, the ability to dim the background would surely be a welcome feature. Some users even like to toggle between light and dark modes depending on which specific page they’re visiting. It’s another innovative website design trend that your prospective tech clients would love. 

9. Videos All Over

Videos keep website visitors engaged, thus keeping them on the site longer, and tech businesses are aware of that. It makes sense because videos can explain the website’s product or service offering quickly and adequately. They give users a brief overview of the website without needing to navigate through all the pages. So, to attract prospective tech clients, create a site with videos all over.


Tech businesses are always looking to modernize their business tools as it aligns well with their mission and vision as a company. By following the trends discussed in this blog and adding the new features and updates that come with them, you can attract more tech businesses to work with you. Start implementing them into your projects if you haven’t yet.

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