Whether you find yourself buried under an inbox that seems to fill up faster than you can clear it, or you’re responsible for building hype for products and services through an email list, there’s every chance you could be doing it better. Many have predicted the demise of email, but it remains the most popular corporate communication tool in the corporate world. Messenger services, instant message apps, and various mobile alternatives have tried and failed to unseat it from its position, but while they’ve helped working life, they’re yet to replace it.

Most importantly, email for businesses hasn’t changed all that much over the years, so mastering it is often a case of putting the right tools in place and reaping the benefits indefinitely. But, of course, while the concept doesn’t change all that much, the tools that make it happen do, and in this feature, we bring you our top picks for anyone that wants to ensure they’re at the top of their email game.

1. Clean Email

Have you ever thought to yourself that you could keep a full-time personal assistant busy merely with the role of keeping your inbox clean? You might even have done it, but you don’t necessarily need a person. Clean Email is a solution packaged as an online tool, and it works to ensure that only the emails you need to deal with reach you. The rest are easily accessible, but Clean Email will ensure they don’t disrupt your day if they can wait.

You set the rules with this tool, so if you want to ensure emails from particular senders always make it through – or that those from some sources never do – you’re free to do so. It’s pretty intelligent, too, so even if you don’t like delving into the specifics, it will ensure you never have to spend too long keeping your inbox tidy.

It rounds off those features by ensuring that it’s easy to unsubscribe from email lists that have run their course and constantly monitors your inbox to ensure that everything you receive is dealt with on your terms.

2. Litmus

If you send corporate emails in bulk, usually to a mailing list, getting things wrong can make for a major headache. Poorly designed emails can bounce, encourage people to unsubscribe, and get people talking about you on social media – but not in the way you’d like. Litmus lets you preview emails before they go out to the wider world and make changes directly within the app if anything seems to be amiss.

Of course, not all bulk emails go from standard email clients. If you use a web app for your email needs, you need a more specialized solution like Postman. This online tool was designed with testing in mind and sits on your app to ensure that everything to do with email and more is always working as expected.

3. Sendinblue

Suppose it’s your responsibility to ensure that the corporate email list stays updated on the latest happenings and receives regular sales messages and updates. In that case, Sendinblue could be a massive time saver.

Too many email marketers feel like the most significant part of their role is getting an email together and successfully landing it in subscribers’ inboxes. The best ones understand that it’s about the actions taken as a result of receiving the email rather than merely being received.

Sendinblue provides a whole suite of tools to make email marketing life more straightforward. From designing the initial email to creating landing pages for recipients to arrive at on your site, this is one tool that can justifiably claim to do it all. But, crucially, it takes things to another level by integrating closely with your tracking tools to ensure you have up to the minute information on how many people opened the email, the actions taken while reading, and many other variables.

It even boasts its own CRM system, so once someone shows interest in your business, they can automatically submit details that extend far beyond conventional email subscriber preferences.

In Conclusion

It feels like something attempts to replace email as the corporate communication tool of choice every week. Many have tried, most have failed, and others have carved out a niche without making email obsolete. But, it’s here to stay, and it’s crucial to keep on top of the tools that come along, not to replace it, but to make life easier while using them.

Whether you’re interested in managing what you receive or taking the next step in what you send, the addons featured here are simple but effective ways to ensure that any user makes the most of email’s full potential in the business world.

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