Businesses of all shapes and sizes are embracing automation. From the front office to the back office, automating routine tasks has become a common practice for many companies. One of the most popular new forms of automation is an automated payroll system. These systems help you save time, reduce your workload, and ensure that you never miss a payroll date again.

If you’re considering implementing an automated payroll system into your technology stack, this guide is for you! Here are just some of the reasons why having an automated payroll system will enhance your business operations

What are the benefits of adding automated payroll to your tech stack?

1. Automating payroll may be more flexible than most software.

In many instances, it may be hard to determine exactly what information a payroll system needs. Will your employees be accepting direct deposits, or will they be accepting paper checks? Will your employees be submitting W2 forms or 1099s?

While these questions are difficult to answer from a software-only perspective, having an automated payroll system gives you the ability to create your own individualized setup for every department in your business. Your main hurdle will be picking the right payroll provider.

No matter the structure, any payroll process will be automated, which means that your accounting employees won’t be responsible for fulfilling many tedious tasks.

2. You can collect and analyze data about employee performance and compensation.

Having an automated payroll system means you can collect the correct data to ensure that your employees are earning the appropriate amounts for the work they are doing. Monitoring employee performance will ensure that your employees are paid fairly and on time.

Additionally, knowing exactly how much employees are making will help you predict future income levels and forecasts, which can help you make better business decisions.

3. You can link your payroll system to other software in your stack. This is typically common practice.

Because an automated payroll system is so flexible, you can link it to any of your software. This means that your business is using a full stack payroll system: payroll, time management, and accounting.

Without any other piece of software, these things can get messy and complicated quickly, but having them all in one system means that you will always have the data that you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Linking your payroll system to other software makes it possible to make intelligent decisions based on data. For example, you can link it to your CRM to better analyze your sales data, or link it to an ERP to generate custom reports.

4. Employee-centric systems are easier to manage and update, and you will be able to incorporate new applications in the future.

Although there are many potential benefits to implementing an automated payroll system, implementing one can also pose some new problems. One of the major concerns is the cost of upgrading your system. The higher cost of an upgrade can scare away some business owners, which can limit the potential benefits that you will receive from the system.

For example, if your payroll system is based on a middleware system, it may be very difficult to update the application if you want to integrate new features. If you are upgrading from another time management solution, you may need to update your current system as well.

You should still choose a system that is customizable so that you can integrate new systems into your existing setup. If you already use the basic automation features of some other cloud-based payroll solutions, then going with an automated payroll system may be a good solution for you.

5. Integration with your tech stack makes your payroll system more fluid.

This means you can more easily automate common tasks, like updating account numbers, as well as working with other software like sales or payroll reporting. Integrating your payroll system with your other tools will simplify and make your life easier.

If you are choosing a flexible and comprehensive payroll solution that integrates into your existing systems, your employees will be able to send the right documentation at the right time. This can streamline the process, and make everyone’s workflow a lot more efficient.

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