Finding the right candidates to fill your empty spots of associates can be a difficult task when many other places are seeking to hire the same amount of people with the same amount of skills as you are. In some cases, it can seem like an impossible task as no matter what you try you just can’t seem to get applicants to roll in.

Here’s the truth, that is a common occurrence. There are times where it can be almost impossible to get any applicants because they are all seeking jobs, but perhaps they have already looked past your requisition. This could be due to one of many reasons, and because it’s common there are many challenges known to recruiters. To help you combat these challenges, here is a list of the six most common challenges faced by recruiters! 

Finding the Right Recruitment Sites

There are a plethora of different sites you can use to start hiring from. The point is, there are many different sites that you can use to start sourcing the proper talent you are trying to find. But the question is, what’s the right one?

It’s important to look for sites that have a proven track record. It’s also essential that they be well-versed in the industry that you are recruiting within. Look for recruiting companies with easy-to-read contracts, clear pricing, and a well-honed process.

Candidates that are not fully Qualified

Perhaps your problem isn’t finding applicants and candidates, but acquiring the correctly skilled and productive members to become part of your workforce. This is common that occurs in many workplaces, as you have many members who come in and work for you, but most lack the skills you’d prefer them to have even if they are basic skills at that.

People will always need jobs, but when you want to build a successful team that will push past any operation you will want to get the most skilled and qualified candidates possible. While it may be tempting to hire more applicants to have a larger pool, as in some places more bodies can achieve more than less, consider what their position does and how fast they can learn that position to become truly qualified. 

Attracting more Candidates from Similar Jobs

Let’s face the facts, your job isn’t a one of a kind and many other jobs are just like it. If you’re a Walmart, there is also an H-E-B or small Mom and Pop shop in the town. There will always be another location that is fighting for more applicants and employees to come work there to help their business grow and boom. So what will you do?

The answer is simple. Make your job more attractive to these candidates. Most applicants will be looking for more than just a job, but good pay, great hours, and good benefits. They are looking for something that will give them purpose and pay them for their time. They want something to make them feel fulfilled, and it’s your job as a recruiter to make them realize what you offer that other places won’t. 

Properly Engaging the Recruitment Field

You can go and post on all different kinds of job boards, application stations, and even put up ads on billboards or other locations to show you are hiring and need people to work for you. While this may incur some runoff and get you a few candidates or applicants here and there, you would gain more if you truly engage them in recruiting. 

To properly engage you to want to request feedback from applicants that lose interest in your job, see what makes them have that loss of thought. Message candidates before they are seeking employment, try to get the ball rolling with them. And try to fully engage in the community in which you are working, helping, and hiring, regardless of what community it may be. 

Hiring with a Focus for Diversity

Most workplaces by law are required to follow affirmative action and hire a diverse profile of applicants to not show any bias towards any given race nor people. While it is a law, it should also be a common following or practice to grow your team with the idea of diversity.

Not only will a diverse network of employees help in making your workplace friendlier to applicants of all backgrounds, but it will also help build the skills of the team. As people come from all walks of life, so do their skills, and what one person may not have another may. 

Using Outdated and Unnecessary Technologies

Some technology is just plain outdated and will not help at all when trying to bring new applicants in or even in the finding of new candidates. For one, paper applications are out of date and should no longer be used, this is the age of technology and everything can be done online, you can even fill out an application on your phone!

You should try making more of your ways of recruiting modernized and keeping up with the technical ways of this era to keep up with new talent sources. Staying back and with “retro” ways of hiring can slow your progress and limit the number of applicants you can achieve. If you want to get the best applicants, you’re going to open all your doors to all kinds of candidates. 

Conquering the Hiring Scene

Hiring and recruiting new sources of talent can be a very difficult task depending on how you go about it, which job boards you use, and what kind of talent you are seeking. This is what it is very common to run across many challenges that cause recruiters to hit a wall where they just can’t find applicants for the positions required. 

When posting your next requisition for employment, think about how you can properly engage your community in which you are hiring, think about what would make your company a better place for others to work, and what your ideal applicant would be. Once you have those under lock and key, start posting on the correct job forums and find your next employees! 

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