With technological advancements happening day by day, the opportunities available for businesses to employ these developments to their advantage are only growing by the minute. One such technology that has come in quite handy is drones. 

Many business owners, especially those involved in marketing and real estate, are making smart use of drones to develop different aspects of their business. No matter the scale of your company, using drones innovatively can help you develop your business in ways you never thought were possible. Here we have for you 6 different ways you can use drones to benefit your business.

1. Photography Using Drones

Drone photography has become an efficient and affordable alternative to aerial photography. Drone photography is an innovative way for businesses, specifically in the entertainment and marketing industry, to tap into aerial photography without bearing the burdens that usually come with using the conventional method.

 Drone photography is a new avenue for businesses to portray themselves and their products. From marketing campaigns to advertising, the usage of drones in this manner has many advantages. Before the commercialization of drone photography, aerial photography was the go-to option. 

However, given the fees associated with the hiring of pilots and paying for aircraft, this method wasn’t the most time- or cost-efficient. With the breakthrough of drone photography, the process of procuring aerial footage has become much more accessible and affordable. Any business can explore the use of drones and produce high-quality imagery and footage that can be used for a multitude of purposes such as marketing and advertising.

2. In-person View of Your Business

Using drones to capture the layout of your business is a great way to show customers what is in store for them. This is now more important than ever, with the pandemic having taken the world by storm. Through aerial photos captured using drones, you can give customers an idea of what your business, whether that be a restaurant or gym, is doing to ensure their safety. Photographs displaying social distancing measures will assure customers that they will be in safe hands.

Alongside this, drone photography can be used to capture images of your business in full swing. For instance, if you run a recreational business, displaying photographs of customers having the time of their life at your recreational spot will entice others to join in on the fun.

3. 3D Views

Businesses that are run in person such as showrooms can benefit largely from using drones to create a virtual experience for their customers. If your business relies on customers entering your shop and searching for products, then drone photography can help you re-create this experience for them. 

This is especially helpful if your business isn’t able to attract foot traffic at the moment. If you’re not sure where to start, the drone experts at DronesInsite will guide you through the variety of drones available and their specialties. Through the use of drones, you can shoot a virtual 3D tour of your business location and take pictures of the products you sell. When customers get an idea of the essence of your business and what you sell, they will be more likely to give your shop a visit.

4. Real Estate Marketing

If your business is centered around real estate, then using drones can help you enhance your business. From taking aerial images of the property to photographing the inside of houses, photography has always been an integral part of the real estate market. The expenses associated with aerial photography including renting aircraft and other equipment have now been eliminated through the use of drones. 

Drone photography produces cinematic footage and images all for a fraction of what the costs used to be. Drone photography also allows for up-to-date images of the property to be taken within a short span of time. Aerial photographs of a property are more likely to pique the interest of prospective buyers than ground-level photos. 

This is because they give the buyers a thorough idea of the location and surrounding area. So, if you’re looking to optimize your real estate business’ approach to marketing, then using drones is the way to go.

5. Drone Deliveries

Delivery of products through drones might’ve seemed like a far-fetched idea a few years ago, but right now the number of companies attempting to use this technique is quickly growing. Companies such as Amazon, Wing, UPS, etc. have already begun their drone-delivery ventures. In the summer of 2019, Amazon was given federal approval to use drones for Prime Air delivery. 

The program currently is in its testing phase. Prior to Amazon, UPS and Wing had already received approval for drone deliveries. Not long after, other retail giants like Walmart and Tesco expanded their efforts to make the delivery of goods by drone a reality. Everything from groceries to household goods can be delivered to your doorstep by your friendly neighborhood drone.

This method of delivery isn’t restricted to consumer goods. Companies like Google and Facebook are attempting to provide WiFi to remote areas through drones that’d act as roving cell towers. The potential for small-scale businesses to adopt this method of delivery is great. The advantage of this system is that it creates a direct link between the business and the customer, thereby making it an efficient and cost-effective one.

6. Image and Data Analysis

Drones can be used as an efficient and discrete tool to collect information on your competitors. There’s a lot one can do by combining the uses of drones and other AI-powered software. This is where the usage of drones goes beyond just photography. Data collected by drones can be analyzed to understand your rivals and the overall situation of the industry your business operates within. 

For instance, power and utility companies are taking advantage of the ease of capturing drone images to examine pipelines, electricity lines, and other infrastructure. The images are then analyzed by AI software to identify areas that require servicing, which are then tended to by the company. Similarly, smaller businesses such as local restaurants and cafés can use drones to analyze their rivals and step up their game.

The different ways you can use drones to help your business are endless. The more creative you are with your thinking, the better use you will make of your drones. Now that you have an idea of how businesses can use drones, take a step forward and implement the plans you have to enhance your business.

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