Looking to hire react js developer? First, you need to know the reasons why React.js is the best choice for building a web or app user interface. Finding a coder that will provide exactly what your company needs won’t be a problem with this piece of information. 

What are the 6 Main Reasons Why You Need to Build UI with React.JS?

Facebook designed React.Js in 2013 to be a JavaScript library for building user interfaces and applications. It can be used with UXPin for quick and easy project creation. Little wonder, it is a popular choice among website developers and product designers. 

React.JS looks simple, but it consists of several powerful components that influence its speed in creating designs. Below is a list of 6 reasons you should consider using this code system for your company’s UI development. 

1. Easy and Simple 

The first thing you will be told when you hire react js developer is the simplicity of this system. It has user-friendly components, making it easy to learn – even with no prior knowledge of JavaScript. Thus, building your company’s website or app UI would be done so well in such a short time. 

2. Flexible and Reusable Components

The flexibility and reusability of the components of React.js is another reason why it is a good choice to build a company’s user interface. Since it is a library, several tools are available to create different components for web applications. Gatsby and Electron are two fantastic tools product designers use from this JavaScript library. 

3. Instant Update Experience 

Common problem developers face with UI building systems is the update experience. Some of these coding systems go through a long process of updates, and page reloads. It can be frustrating when building something as critical as a brand’s website or application. However, with React, fast updates without reloads is guaranteed. 

4. Allows Conditional Statements within the JavaScript Extension

React.js is versatile and extensive. It can feature a JavaScript extension (JSX) to improve the efficiency of its components. This extension is much better than JavaScript itself; it allows conditional statement creation for a more enhanced design and functionality. 

5. Utilizes Facebook’s Resources

Popular social platforms like Facebook and Instagram make use of React. Their UI is proof that React.js is a good choice for a brand’s web and app development. 

In turn, React uses some of Facebook’s resources. One of the popularly used is the command-line tool, Codemod. It replaces older components with newer ones. 

6. Focuses on Business Logic

When you hire react js coders, you expect them to build a unique website or app UI that establishes what your company has to offer. Therefore, it is safe to say that this system focuses on business logic by providing an efficient and fast framework with a minimum chance of crashing. 

How to Hire React JS Coder?

If you are looking for React Js developers for hire, you need to provide a detailed and clear description of your company’s project. Procoders Tech is a good platform to hire reactjs developers with great skills; other freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are not excluded. 

You can proceed with screening candidates and conducting a technical interview with those selected. Candidates that successfully pass the interview can go through with a practical examination for shortlisting. From this examination, you can finally make a hiring decision on the developer to take up your company’s project.

Before you hire react programmer for your company, you need to look out for some qualities. These qualities are hard and soft skills required for the job:

  • ReactNative, AngularJS, Bootstrap, Backbone, Bootstrap, and SocketIO Skills
  • Library Skills, such as MomentJS, Loads, JQuery.
  • Database Skills like MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, and Blockchain.
  • Vast Software Application Skills, such as WordPress, Servers, Project Management Tool, Documentation Tools
  • Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills 

Still looking to Hire react js coders? With Procoder Tech and active freelance platforms, you won’t have to beat yourself up finding a UI developer for your company’s projects anymore. Lastly, the reasons above are enough to tell you why you need this coding system for your brand’s web and app UI development. 

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Mohd Zaid Mansoori is an experienced Content Marketer, Designer, Digital Marketer, and Tech Enthusiast. He enjoys working on awesome websites like InnovationFunda.

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