Thanks to contemporary technological innovations, document workflows in various industries are now made more efficient and seamless. If in the past, documentation, and record-keeping was a daunting task, in this modern day and age, managing records and documents is already a breeze, with the use of proper tools and some shortcuts. In line with this, below are some of these shortcuts that will make your document workflow faster.

Secret Shortcuts That Will Make Your Document Workflow Faster

1. Leverage Online Converters

One of the secret shortcuts that will make your document workflow faster is the use of online converters. For instance, it may take you a while to send email attachments to your recipients, particularly if you are trying to send big files such as photos or images. In this case, you can utilize an online jpg to pdf converter to effortlessly convert the pictures that you need in a format that can easily be sent as an email attachment, along with other documents. Thus, you will be able to prevent any downtime related to sending documents through emails that need to be delivered in time.

The use of online converters is also a great shortcut that can save you time in making the necessary changes that you need in your documents. For instance, you may receive a file in PDF, which cannot be directly modified. In this case, all you need to do is to convert this PDF file into another file format that will allow you to make the necessary changes, such as a word document. After making modifications, you can easily convert back the document into a PDF that is ready to be sent out as an email attachment. In this way, you no longer have to ask the sender of the PDF file to send you the document in another format because you can already do so using online converters, which can significantly enhance the speed of your documentation process.

2. Utilize Computer Software

Another thing that you can do to make your document workflow faster is to use computer software that will automate all the manual tasks that you need to accomplish. In this case, instead of spending long hours entering data into your computer, you can simply install a software that will collect and record the data that you need to be documented directly. Thus, if in the past, data entry took you a couple of hours, with computer software, you can accomplish data entry and documentation in minutes.

In the same manner, instead of creating an invoice for each of your clients, you can install an accounting software that will help you automate your invoicing process. With accounting software, all you need is to create an invoice template one time, and from there, generate hundreds of invoices that can be sent automatically to different clients. This will greatly reduce the time it takes for you to generate invoices and other bookkeeping records because of automation.

3. Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Several people are still unaware that their computers are built-in with keyboard shortcuts which are meant to make their documentation workflow significantly faster. For instance, the use of the keys CTRL and “S” simultaneously saves the document that you are working on immediately.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Make it a habit to use this particular keyboard shortcut to ensure that if you suddenly lose power, or your laptop suddenly runs out of battery, the document you are working on is saved in the memory of your computer. This will eliminate the need for you to do everything all over again once you can turn your computer back on.

Aside from the built-in keyboard shortcuts found in your computer, you can also customize your keyboard shortcuts, based on what you are commonly using. Aside from the document that you are working on, these keyboard shortcuts can also enable you to open the programs that you are frequently using with just a couple of buttons. For instance, simply pressing the keys CTRL, ALT, and the key of your choice will already open up the program that you have assigned for that key.

4. Customize Your Taskbar

In documentation and record-keeping, you are not limited to using a program to edit the document that you are working on. Rather, you are most likely using other computer software as well, such as a browser to aid you in searching for relevant information, or an image processing software to manipulate photos that you need for your document. This is where customizing your taskbar can help reduce the time it takes for you to complete your documentation. Just place all the programs you are frequently using in the taskbar of your computer to open them up with a single click.

5. Adjust your Startup Programs

There are instances wherein it takes a while for your computer to startup, taking much of your precious time to get started with your document workflow. This is where adjusting your startup programs can prove to be beneficial because in doing so, you can optimize the startup speed of your computer. Take control of which programs need to load with Windows, such that you can work with your documents in no time.

6. Go for Voice Features

Perhaps one of the greatest shortcuts that you can utilize to optimize your document workflow is the use of voice features. Take advantage of this when you use search engines, such that you no longer need to type in the keywords that you need to stimulate the search. Better yet, make use of voice features to instantly convert your speech input into readable text.

Go for Voice Features

There are several tools and shortcuts that you can take advantage of to make your document workflow faster. Aside from online converters and computer software, you can also use the built-in keyboard shortcuts in your computer, or better yet, customize your keyboard shortcuts. In addition to this, customizing your taskbar and adjusting your startup programs can also help significantly. Add to this voice features that can aid you in finding the information you need or converting your audible speech into text form. All these are geared towards ensuring that your document workflow is made faster and more seamless.

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