Your workspace determines your productivity level. There are days when you wake up not loving your job as much as you did yesterday or a week ago, we have all been there. The pressure to complete a project beat deadlines, and come up with creative ideas on improving the company. All of this leads to anxiety and stress, which can affect your results. Your working environment should be your happy place at all times. Almost half of your life is spent in your workplace and that is enough reason to make the best out of the space. 

It is possible to get overworked or have your energy burning out because of the working environment. Imagine working with a customer care firm and you are having a hard time focusing because there are other people in your space. This affects your productivity. You need to stay happy and efficient to achieve or reach work goals. A cluttered space will only leave your brain feeling the same way. When the brain isn’t in a good place, the chances of getting a job done are very low. Are you working remotely or in an office? You can always improve the space to boost your mood and increase the workflow. 

A total revamp can work in your space as a remote worker but that cannot be completely possible if you work with a firm, unless you are your boss. 

You need to invest in your working environment today. Here are some tips on how to improve your working environment. 

Personalize Your Workspace

There are several amazing ways to personalize your workplace so you can feel at home even while you’re at work. It can be adding a simple picture frame of your loved ones or a childhood picture to motivate you, or artwork and plants that uplifts your mood.  Some workspaces might not permit pictures and that’s okay, make this picture or art your laptop or phone screensaver. Having familiar objects in your space increases your connection to work. 

Ritualizing your space helps your brain work better. 

Also, research has shown that this has great psychological benefits. You can start every day with a particular habit. Use the same coffee mug every day, paste sticky notes, have motivational print-outs on the side of your desk or a journal that contains daily tasks you must achieve. Including a calendar in your workspace helps you keep track of work to do. You can even celebrate small wins which you have tracked using the calendar. Whatever makes you work better, try to fit it into your working desk. 


The previous tip must have left you wondering if it won’t be a lot of items on the desk right? As much as you want to make your office space feel like home, you do not need everything on the desk at the same time. When your space is cluttered, it’s hard to focus. Do not go overboard on personalizing your space. Your favorite pieces of jewelry or the toy you treasure as a child does not need to be on the desk or the drawer. Other things can take up that space. Too many items can be distracting. 

Decluttering also extends to the files on your desktop. Decluttering gives you peace of mind as your mental space will be affected too. it is easier to stay organized with less. Let go of that old notepad and stapler today. If you work remotely, get a go-bag. Your bag should have the work-related items you need for the day especially when you take work outside the home. 

Stay in Touch With Nature 

No, you don’t have to work in the woods or on a mountain top. You need to surround yourself with plants or natural smells. It helps boost your mood and this increases productivity. Plants create a positive environment and uplift moods. If you are not into plants, you can use natural light to work. Make sure the windows are open at all times. Staying or working under artificial light can leave your brain stuffy, you can take breaks and get some fresh air outside. The warmth of the sun on your skin will help your workflow. Being exposed to light helps your brain function better. 


When you are struggling to get a particular job done, ask for help by effective communication. Encourage other people in your workspace to communicate. It doesn’t have to be just the sound of keyboards clacking away. A little joke in between work to get everyone along also works. Communication in a work environment reduces tension and anxiety. This does not mean you should over-share family secrets or bug your colleague with the information they don’t need to know. Always ask for feedback from clients and colleagues. 

Keep It Quiet

It might be hard to maintain a certain level of quiet and decorum when you share a workspace with a couple of people. However, the importance of quiet when getting work done cannot be overstressed. It might be helpful to invest in some panel screens, noise-canceling headphones, or any other item that works by reducing acoustic discomfort to improve your work experience.

A Clean Environment

Yes, you should dust out your space every morning. If you work in a space with a janitor, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do a little cleaning yourself. Clean your desktop, fix up the stapler and make your space attractive. The cleaner space, the more positive your brain and mood are. Do weekly or monthly thorough clean-up of your space.

The level of productivity achieved in a working environment is dependent on you. a little touch-up is all it takes for you to have your mood and energy surging. You would be surprised at the deadlines and projects you would have done in no time. What is your workspace like? 

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