Android use has gained momentum and has driven rivals out in the market share race. These improvements are meant to improve the process of growth and to incorporate best practices into user experience and architecture. Let’s look at the trends in Android app development.

8 Android App Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

1. Android Instant Apps continues to expand

Users of Android will tap the Google Play Instant to download the application or game to bypass the installation procedure. Because instant applications are not required for users to download software, they can be used quickly and directly from the web. It ensures that these devices do not take up additional space on the Smartphone. Such applications minimize unwanted system encroachment.

2. The architecture of Android Apps

The design guidelines of Google identify best practices for developing an Android app and suggest high-performance, stable applications. It is a good starting point for creating reliable applications, Android design elements. Developers may create applications with fewer boilerplates and more emphasis on technology that renders the application special with Architecture components.

3. The New and Smartphone Technology Era

The emphasis is now on getting Google more intelligent and using AI in all areas, from vehicles to smartphones. Google’s IA plan also stretches the scope of artificial intelligence and computer education for the creation of mobile apps. Every day helpers become more common. Several helpers are included as chatbots in applications.

In the next move with the merger of AR / VR with AI, Android app growth is making progress in the advanced technology, with the Visual Positioning Support. This is one of the new AR technologies in the user experience, which recognizes and emulates visual features.

4. The production of multi-platforms is rising

Flutter, owned by Google, lets you make lovely native apps from only one coding base on iOS and Android. Flutter’s platform is a movable SDK that provides a new design such as dynamic and extensible functions that do not need a JavaScript bridge.

This allows applications to be built utilizing native libraries and instruments. The Kotlin compiler creates stand-alone, nearly machine-friendly executables.

5. Build smart and user-friendly systems

The ability for dramatic improvement in the Android app development industry is shown by artificial intelligence. Its concept has the ability to change inconceivably. AI’s capabilities will ease user function in Android phones and build a great user experience by creating Android apps equipped with built-in.

  • Text Identification: The text identification will be used to recognize the Latin alphabets on intelligent computers by a mobile development system. It restores captured structured records with the complete vocabulary, lines, pages, and icons in interface identification.
  • Landmark identification: The identification of outstanding and prominent sites is extremely obvious. This works mainly on the web and sends the result to the SDK.
  • Face recognition: face identification and recovers the boundaries that can be used for object authentication.
  • Scan barcode: There is a range of barcode types for MLKit. Not only does it handle personalized details, but it also handles a few predetermined activities, such as email, Wi-Fi, and schedule events.
  • Photo labeling: photo labeling has a number of applications. If an individual uploads an object that indicates that the consumer is using a TAG symbol, and the other is to call a photo category in the folder.

6. Growing Trend of Blockchain Technology

Software from Blockchain generates a ripple through various industries. It is anticipated to grow in terms of security, the design of formal and informal block chain, and consortiums. The creation of Blockchain and Decentralized software is gaining attention at unimaginable heights. It becomes the slogan where an organization updates even its branding and the Cryptocurrency buzz leading to higher revenues. It also transforms its business model.

7. Easy payment method

The Android application is downloaded more than iOS. Yet iOS also continues to lead in terms of revenue. Google seeks to close the income gap by creating an ingenious way for developing applications that are to be purchased by consumers in emerging markets.

The “Pending Transaction” has been introduced so that consumers may transact without the credit card or any other type of conventional online payment.  Google is now introducing another method of payment to target consumers who depend more on cash.

8. Android Jetpack

Jetpack is a set of libraries, software, and guides to make high-quality applications simple for developers. Such components help you to adopt best practices free from boiler codes and to encourage complicated tasks so that one can concentrate on the program they care about.

Android Jetpack can address main problems, including device maintenance and backward functionality in all current collections, frameworks, and systems. Google packages everything into a bundle consisting primarily of four sections, including design, basis, UI, and comportment.

Google’s operating system is now heading towards a swift, streamlined, customer-specific experience. Although things in Android app development continue to occur, it is essential to analyze the current technological changes in order to identify and take advantage of the possibilities.

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