It’s possible that you only recently heard of link building, and that’s the reason you’re here. Currently, you might be interested in learning how it can help your small business and if it’s worth doing or investing in. 

Before you learn about the benefits of link building, there are four things you need to know. First, these benefits will only happen if you do it properly. Second, these effects take a long time before they materialize. Third, these benefits are closely knit to one another—meaning, if you get one, you get most of them. And fourth, you can easily mess your link-building strategy up and lose these positive effects on your small business.

Now that those things are out of the way, here are the benefits of link building you’d want for your business:

1. Added traffic to your site

Link building is as simple as adding links redirecting to your website on other websites. Say that website A is your website and website B is your friend’s website. If website B places a link that redirects to website A in one of its web pages, website A gains a backlink. And when visitors of website B click on that backlink, those visitors equate to added traffic to website A.

As you may already be imagining, having more backlinks can easily translate to a massive potential of receiving huge amounts of traffic for your website. Also, know that there are different types of links you can use as backlinks. And how you utilize them to get more traffic to your site is entirely up to you.

2. Stronger online presence and brand awareness

Typically, a solid link-building strategy is to place backlinks on websites within your niche. If you’re in the business of selling medical equipment and supplies, you’d want to have backlinks on blogs and websites about health and wellness. And if you’ve done your link-building strategy right, it can equate to a stronger online presence and brand awareness.

Suppose that you sell digital blood pressure monitors and have successfully placed backlinks on the top three results on search engines when people search for information about blood pressure. If people visit those pages and see all of them reference your product, site, or business, they quickly become aware of your existence. And that’s how powerful and beneficial backlinks are.

3. Higher conversion rate

With a stronger online presence and brand awareness, your company’s website may experience a higher conversion rate. As more people find a link to your website through the web and with the power of repetition, they can become more familiar with you. And that familiarity can lead to the development of trust, which can push prospects to become customers. (1)

You should know that people need at least to see a message seven times before realizing that they need to do something about it. While backlinks primarily work to increase your web traffic, they can also become an effective marketing tool. (1)

4. Improved online reputation

In addition to putting your brand and company more visible on the web, backlinks can improve your online reputation. This effect happens when people associate the authority and importance of the websites where they found your backlinks. For example, if a reputable medical website listed your site as a reference, people may think that your website is also a reliable source of information by association.

In the modern marketing language, those reputable sites are like influencers. Any company or product they mention or include in their content receives the same amount of attention they enjoy. 

5. New online connections and relations

You may already have an idea that an exceptional link-building strategy requires you to connect to the front-runners, leaders, and authorities in your niche. And this comes with a few benefits your business can enjoy from networking. Here are some of them:

  • Shared knowledge
  • Find new business opportunities
  • New avenues for beneficial collaborations
  • Friendships
  • Improved reputation and profile

6. Boosted authority

On the technical side, executing an excellent link-building strategy can make search engines reconsider your website’s authority in your niche. The more search engines notice that many websites link to yours, the higher the chance that their algorithms may consider you a great resource in your niche.

Of course, having great backlinks alone doesn’t guarantee that your site will become an authority site. After all, there are multiple factors search engine algorithms look upon before they grant this prestigious title. (2)

However, if your site does become one, you can gain an advantage over everyone in your niche. For one, any backlinks placed on your site become valuable. Know that some authority sites even charge website owners if they want backlinks placed on them. (2)

7. Better content quality

The great thing about link building is that it pushes small businesses and website owners to make it a point to reference sources in their content. Instead of just posting articles written out of thin air, webmasters are forced to ensure that their content is well researched and come with links to sources and related web pages. This circumstance leads to better content quality.

8. Lower bounce rate

With better content quality, small business websites that perform the best practices of link building can benefit from better search engine optimization (SEO) stats. One of the scores that link building and better content quality can improve is bounce rate.

In simple terms, bounce rate is a measurement that gauges the number of visitors that immediately close a page they visited after they landed. The higher your site’s bounce rate is, the worse you’ll rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Also, it can affect your conversion rate, as more people would rather close the tab your site is on their browser instead of staying and consuming your content. (3)


Link building is crucial for any small business that wants to branch out into the online space. Remember that having a website alone isn’t enough. Ensuring that many backlinks point toward your site is essential to experience most of the benefits listed above. However, know that that’s one aspect of an excellent link-building strategy. Be sure to learn more about it and the things you can do to make sure your business can reap all the things mentioned in this post.


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