It seems that more and more people realize that shopping online is superior to visiting a brick and mortar store. Some could argue that you cannot check the product in person, and it is no secret that this particular issue is one of the biggest drawbacks of shopping online.

However, even that should not be an issue in the near future, thanks to virtual reality. Some of the biggest ecommerce stores are already investing in VR to accommodate customers who want to check the goods in virtual reality.

Now, as for what makes ecommerce superior, there are quite a few reasons. Below, you will find eight that stand out the most.

Access to Customer Reviews Online

Customers who shop online have access to reviews. Online stores realize that customer reviews build authority and trust, so they are encouraging shoppers to leave feedback a lot. 

It is also common to import product reviews from other platforms, particularly if you are a dropshipper. There are automation tools that simplify the process. Opinew vs fera and their comparison is a good example of how prominent the desire to learn about product reviews is and why even more stores should consider utilizing these tools.

According to studies done by Oberlo, about 90 percent of shoppers check reviews online, and the number justifies the importance of customer feedback.

No Lines

Standing in a long line is one of the most annoying things about shopping in a brick and mortar store. It is also common to see some cashiers not at their workstations even if there are many people in the store just because they are on a break.

Well, online stores do not have cashiers who need to take a break. The checkout process is usually pretty simple, so you can do your shopping in a few minutes and not worry about wasting your time.

Deliveries to Your Home

The convenience of having goods delivered at your doorstep or at an agreed location, such as pickup service, is another benefit that makes online shopping so great.

Sure, there are some exceptions as you might end up in a situation when you cannot afford to wait for the courier and need the goods as soon as possible. However, these instances are rare, and for the most part, waiting for a bit is not an issue.

Variety of Different Goods and Services

Even if you live in a large city, it is still possible that you might not find exactly what you are looking for. International shipping is one of the strengths of ecommerce, and you can expect to find a much larger variety of goods and services.

Since search engine optimization helps you find desired products on Google, you do not have to worry about spending hours and hours browsing through random websites. Keep in mind, though, that you should still confirm whether an online store is legit or not, particularly when it comes to international shipping.

Once again, this is where customer reviews come in handy. If you see mostly positive things about the store, you should be good to go. On the other hand, if the majority of reviews are negative or have mixed opinions, it might be better to seek alternatives.

No Pressure From Shop Staff

Pressure from shop staff to purchase something is also something that many shoppers dislike. They do not want to feel pressured to spend money if they are uncertain about a product. However, the judging eyes of a salesperson who is walking around can make even the toughest people crack. 

The experience of shopping online is different. There is nobody watching you, and you are free to browse through different products for as long as you want until you find one that suits you the most. 

Mobile Shopping

Because most online stores have mobile-friendly website themes, you do not have to use a computer for your shopping. A smartphone or a tablet is fine as well, though it might take a bit more time to navigate a website on a mobile device than on a computer.

On the other hand, ecommerce entrepreneurs are also discovering that mobile commerce is growing at an exponential rate, meaning that the rise of mobile applications for iOS and Android is present as well. Shopping on a native app on a smartphone or a tablet is even more convenient than on an internet browser.

Price Comparisons

Comparing prices on the internet is also easier. You can open multiple tabs and switch between them or write the price list in a document and save it.

Meanwhile, going to a brick and mortar store and comparing prices of multiple products at the same time is quite bothersome.


The last advantage is relevant for the current times. Because of the pandemic, shopping online is much safer. You do not have to spend time among people and risk your health. Sure, there are restrictions and measures to increase safety, but unless you have to visit a brick and mortar store in person, there is no need to do that.

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