Excel shortcuts have proven to improve efficiency and are known for their time-saving capabilities. But with so many shortcut keys, it becomes difficult to remember them all. So we have curated a list of excel shortcuts cheat sheets frequently used at work to save you time and energy. 

This will be the one-stop guide that you can rely on and refer to. These Excel shortcut keys can save you tons of time daily as they increase speed and productivity. Imagine moving your hand and the mouse every time to the toolbar and clicking several times. Instead of just clicking a few function keys to get the job done.

Why use Excel Shortcuts?

So what is the primary purpose of using the excel shortcut cheat sheet? First, it improves speed and productivity by navigating from one cell to another, grouping data, and, most importantly, filling in formulas. Another benefit of using excel shortcuts is that they allow you to complete the task accurately and precisely.

Furthermore, let us eloquently explain some reasons for using the excel formula cheat sheet.

3 reasons to use an Excel Formula Cheat Sheet?

  1. Ergonomics: You can reduce your risk of R.S.I. (repetitive syndrome injury) and minimize the wear and tear on your wrists and fingers.
  2. Precision: As stated earlier, it improves accuracy. Therefore, it is advisable to use shortcut keys.
  3. Multitasking: Using keyboard shortcuts, you can semi-automate your tasks by simply pressing a few keys with little effort. For example, by pressing Ctrl +A, you can select the whole document instead of dragging the entire page with a pointer and mouse.

The frequently used shortcut keys for Microsoft Excel are listed below, along with a brief description. We have arranged them according to the category to make it simple for you to find the shortcut keys you require.

Most Frequently Used Excel Shortcut Cheat Sheet

General Shortcuts- Formatting

Excel ShortcutDescription
Ctrl+ACopy the entire worksheet.
Ctrl+BBold text on the worksheet. 
Ctrl+ CCopy Cell
Ctrl+ NCreate a new workbook.
Ctrl+OOpen existing workbook
Ctrl+IFormat the text in italics.
Ctrl+UUnderline the text. 
Ctrl+ZUndo Changes
Ctrl+ FOpen find dialog box
Ctrl+HOpen the replace dialog box.
Ctrl+ SSave the workbook
Ctrl+ pg upTo move up the cell
Ctrl+PgDownTo move down the cell
Ctrl+POpen the print dialog box.
Ctrl+ YRepeat the action
Ctrl+ VPaste

These are some primary keys and formatting keys that will help you navigate through the worksheet and get basic cell formatting done. 

In the next section, we will learn how to apply some advanced formatting that might come in handy. For example, editing a cell, adding a border, etc.

Data Shortcuts

Excel ShortcutsDescription
Ctrl+Shift+@Format time
Ctrl+Shift+!Apply comma to numbers
Ctrl+Shift+%Format number as percentage
Ctrl+Shift+$Format as currency.
Ctrl+Shift+=Insert rows, columns.
Ctrl+Shift+*Insert or remove outline borders.
Ctrl+Shift++Insert a row
Ctrl+Shift+-Delete a row
Ctrl+Shift+ #Format a number as date
Ctrl+Shift+ &Add or remove outline border to selected cell
Ctrl+Shift+^Format a number as an exponential.
TabTo move to next cell
Shift+TabMove to previous cell
Shift+F2Edit cell
Alt+ H+HTo fill color
Alt+H+F+CChange font color
Alt+H+A+CAlign text in the cell
Alt+H+BTo add a border
Alt+F+FChange font style
Alt+F+SChange font size

After learning about data shortcuts in Excel, let’s quickly move on to understanding formulas.

Formulas and Calculations

Excel ShortcutsDescription
=Begin a formula
Alt+=Insert auto sum formula
Shift+F3Insert a function- paste a formula
Shift+F9Calculate active worksheet
F9Calculate all worksheets
Ctrl+Shift+F9Recalculate all worksheets
Alt+Ctrl+F9Forces Calculation
Ctrl+Shift+EnterEdit mode
Alt+F3Select cell
Ctrl+`Toggle formulas on and off
Ctrl+Shift+UExpand or collapse formula bar

Function Excel Shortcuts

Excel ShortcutsDescription
F2Edit a cell
F4Repeat last action
F5Display go to dialog box
F6Next Pane
F7Run a spell check.
F8Extend mode

Insert Keys

Excel ShortcutsDescription
Alt+N+PInsert picture
Alt+N+JInsert object
Alt+N+UInsert symbol
Alt+N+HInsert header and footer
Alt+N+S+HInsert shape
Alt+N+TInsert table
Alt+N+S+CInsert chart
Alt+W+F+PView page layout
Alt+W+F+IView page break
Alt+W+F+CCustom view

In conclusion

These were some prominent excel shortcuts to learn about and master Microsoft Excel. Without a doubt, shortcuts make our lives simpler. Therefore, using Microsoft Excel, you can use this article to discover some of the most useful ones. You would probably know a few of these shortcuts, like Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, but there would be many other excel shortcut keys that you wouldn’t be aware of. 

To operate like an expert, develop the habit of using your keyboard rather than your mouse. How many of the following Excel shortcut cheat sheets for formatting and navigation are you already familiar with? How many are you now able to use?

Microsoft Excel might seem tedious, but it can be a lot of fun once you thoroughly complete all the formatting shortcuts. Plus, you can make your worksheet look vibrant and attractive by adding colors to the sheet and paying attention to alignment. 

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