Many people appreciate the Amazon AWS Certified Solution Architect – Professional certification for the fact that it provides you an opportunity to enhance your expertise in designing distributed apps and systems on the AWS platform. 

Without any doubt, Certbolt Amazon qualifications bring a lot of advantages for the candidates who successfully accomplish this certification track. Yes, candidates are often driven by a desire for a promotion or a better-paying job. But do the benefits end there? So, in this article, listed are the perks of obtaining this professional certificate, which will definitely give you an extra stimulus.

Digital Badges 

If you didn’t know once you gain the certificate, you will get the AWS certification achievement digital badge. In our digital world, it’s very convenient. For instance, you can showcase it on your social media like LinkedIn to attract potential employers and recruiters. Or you can use it as an email signature. 

Moreover, having the same power as the Certbolt AWS qualification, this official validation of your experience helps employers recognize you in the pool of employees. Interestingly, once you get your accreditation, you also get exclusive access to the AWS Summit events and AWS certification lounges. 

Strengthen Your Resume 

A separate point should be made about the fact that the AWS certificate also adds value to your resume which is undoubtedly important in the current overcrowded labor market. But with official confirmation that you are a qualified professional with practical experience with AWS services and products, you will always be one step ahead of your competitors. 

AWS Certified Global Community 

At the same time, you also get access to the global community on LinkedIn and connect with other Amazon AWS Practice Exam . It also helps you grab opportunities on the global level and network with a number of Certbolt AWS experts. That’s because, the completion of the AWS certification pathway opens up a door of opportunities for you that includes conferences, meetups, and professional gatherings. That way you can always stay up-to-date on new AWS innovations, cloud technology developments, and brilliant job openings at leading IT companies.

Better Paycheck 

It is important to note that the salary of the Amazon AWS Certification is around $131,960 as revealed by PayScale. This is because the AWS certified professionals get a higher salary than the non-certified ones as having a certificate shows motivation and desire for self-development. 

Official Training Facilities 

As you know, the official training offered by Certbolt AWS helps candidates to fully prepare for the certification without any hurdles. You can get access to digital and virtual classrooms as well. Moreover, you also get hands-on experience with the core services of AWS what is simply necessary not only on the final test but also in your workplace.


In other words, with the help of the Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional certification you can touch the heights of success and enjoy the perks and respect that is offered to the AWS certified professionals. You just need to show your commitment and prove your skills. Success will not be long in coming! 

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