One of the huge upsides of the many advancements in technology is that now, individuals and businesses have more DIY options. With all the features that come along with all of the electronic tools out there, no longer do companies have to hire professionals if they don’t have the budget for it. 

On the other hand, hiring a professional comes with many advantages that might outweigh the monetary cost. Read here to find out all the ways you can benefit from either choice when it comes to your website. 

Advantages of Hiring a Professional

While everyone loves the feeling of accomplishment after completing a project, the only thing better is getting that same feeling from all the work that can be completed in the amount of time it would normally cost you to build your own website. The website design experts over at Kitching LTD, a web design company, can work on designing your website while you focus on your business. Time-saving isn’t the only perk of hiring a professional, and the rest of them will be listed here. 

Professional, Clean Look

Your website should reflect the business you run and should establish a sense of trust in users. An unorganized page with no sense of style definitely won’t attract people to your business and might even turn them off. If there’s a professional designing your page, then you can bet that a fresh look will be a certainty. 

Strategy for Online Presence and SEO

While technology has made some things easier, it’s made some things more difficult in the realm of competition. With Google’s complex algorithms and the expansion of social media and online platforms, it is imperative for companies to have a palpable online presence and search engine optimization. If a website designer is hired, this will be one of the top priorities, and your business should see many benefits because of it. 

Customized for Your Business

Depending on what your website is for, there will be an audience “type,” meaning that the people visiting your website will have shared needs and interests. Whatever your website’s purpose is, a professional website designer will ensure that it’s customized for it and will meet the needs of the average users of your site. 

Mobile Friendly

Many users are constantly on the go and will want the websites they’re using frequently to be mobile-friendly. If they’re not, you risk losing up to 50% of possible users, all of which are potential clients. Web designers know all the ins and outs of web design, including how websites should function on mobile phones. 


If a user encounters a problem with your website, then there’s a 90% chance they will exit out before ever giving it a once-over. If they experience a long load time (more than 3.5 seconds) then you risk losing more than half of visitors. With lightning-fast internet speed, users are not going to be patient with slow-loading websites. Speed and efficiency are a must-have and can be provided by an adept designer. 

Competitive Edge

Having a fresh, functional, and user-friendly website will give your business that competitive edge you’re searching for. From social media widgets all the way to search engine optimization, a professional web designer will check all the boxes necessary for your website to pick up traffic and create more online visibility. 

Save Time

One of the main reasons why people get overwhelmed by responsibilities or lose track of themselves and their physical and mental health is because of a lack of time. Hiring a website designer will allot you time to focus on your work and, most importantly, yourself. Don’t underestimate the power of extra time, as this could be more lucrative than you might think. 

Advantages of a DIY Website

Even though it might seem like there are all the reasons in the world to hire a professional for all your website design needs, there are still a good handful of reasons to consider a DIY website. Evaluate your skills, budget, and timeline, and then you can make a valid decision on what to choose. Listed below are a few reasons why the DIY option might work for you. 

It’s Inexpensive

A no-brainer, yes, but it’s always worth mentioning the things that will save you money. The main advantage of a DIY website is the dough you will save. However, be prepared to shell out a little on at least a few things relating to the design and features. While they’re relatively cheap, there are a few pricier options that will rack up a following and might even pay for themselves.

Control the Result

If you create your own website, you can control every aspect of it: the look, the functions, the audience it targets. This assures beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will get what you want. Bear in mind, if you’re inexperienced with web design, you may know what you want, but you might not be aware of what you need

Make Changes at Will

Being the designer and owner gives you all the power over your image, and it also allows you to make changes whenever you want. If something isn’t working or you need to change the information on your website, there’s no need to make a call or an appointment to have it fixed. You can do it yourself, and that can be quite liberating and can save you time. 

Learning Opportunity 

Getting to create a website is a fantastic learning opportunity. Website design can be an invaluable skill that you can use in the future. By building your own page, you’ll get a chance to try your hand at it and develop a new craft. 

These are many of the advantages of hiring a professional website designer or the DIY option, however, they are not limited to this list. Many of the disadvantages are implied between comparing the two, but each of these options is by no means perfect and the effectiveness will depend entirely on the purpose and needs of your website. 

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