Landing pages are considered one of the most effective ways to boost conversions and leads to your opt-in offer or lead magnet. However, for them to be effective, you have to put in some work. Although your landing pages may be delivering positive results, chipping in a few tricks here and there can help make the results even better. 

This article shall continue to share proven tips, as shared by professionals, that you can utilize to build a useful landing page. 

1. Add Images

They say that images say a thousand words. Adding images to your site has been known to deliver compelling results. The same thing applies to your landing page. Adding a photo is visually appealing. So, what kind of images should one go for? You may be tempted to go for stock images. But, that’s not the recommended way as they make the entire page look unreal. Instead, you should use photos of you or your employees. Your audience can easily relate to that. By so doing, you will likely experience a rise in conversion rates as people are more likely to trust you. 

2. Choose a Perfect Design

The designs you use play a vital role in capturing the eyes of your visitors. It’s recommended that you ensure that your pages are customarily built for effective conversion. For this, you can have a professional customize them for you. Going for a pro comes at a cost, but it’s worth every coin. If you click here, you will have an idea of various landing page software platforms that you can utilize. Having an idea of the software platforms offering these services gives you a rough idea of what to expect. It will be much easier to pick a platform that can design a landing page that suits your business with knowledge. 

3. Optimize for Mobile Viewing

Today, the number of smartphone users continues to increase globally. According to statistics, mobile traffic constitutes about 69% of online activity. Therefore, if you are looking to tap into a wider audience, the first thing you must consider is optimizing your page for mobile use. If you create a landing page that users find trouble accessing, the chances are that they will leave. Instead, they will consider your competitors, which isn’t a good thing for business. Hence, if you are yet to establish a mobile-friendly landing page, you should make it a priority. 

4. Optimize it for SEO

Today, there are millions of sites and landing pages over the internet. Search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, use various criteria to rank these sites. The use of SEO is one way to ensure that your site can easily be found on search engines. To ensure that search engines can find your landing page, you should ensure that it’s optimized for SEO. You should ensure that you use the relevant keywords in the page’s URL and throughout your content. 

5. Be Creative with Colors

When creating a landing page, you must remember that it’s often the first thing that your audience sees before being directed to what you have in store. Here, colors used play a significant role in initiating that first impression. According to health specialists, colors create an emotion that can lead to either positive or negative feelings. Marketing experts often say that it takes less than two minutes for a customer to conclude about a product. The point is that the product’s color determines 60-90% of that decision. Therefore, you should go for colors that are appealing and those that resemble your business’s theme. 

6. Simple Navigation

Ever visited a site or opened a confusing landing page? How was the experience? Such cases are common as they are individuals who are never sure how to go about this. A perfect landing page should be easy to navigate from the start to the end. Although it’s ok to be unique, you shouldn’t overdo the design. Complicating things can turn confusing to your visitors, and the chances are that they are likely to close your page even before they view what you have in store. 

7. A Compelling Headline

One of the tested ways to grab the attention of your readers is coming up with attractive headlines. Remember, the headline is the first thing that your readers see before opening the pages. Therefore, you should ensure that they deliver the message home. A perfect heading should be catchy and as short as possible. Therefore, you must ensure that you deliver the message in the shortest way possible. You can as well utilize the power of colors on your headings to grab the reader’s eyes. With a correctly done title, the chances of experiencing high conversion rates are high. 

8. Don’t ask for too Much Information

Recently, the number of people losing crucial data over the internet has been on the rise. As a result, most people are now cautious about sharing their info over the internet. Therefore, if you want a successful landing page, you must ensure that you don’t ask for too much information. After all, you only need to collect an email address alone, and you are set to go. By keeping the requests minimal, you are likely to ensure a high conversion rate. 

9. Define your Goals

Before you even start creating a landing page, you need first to lay out a plan tackling all the areas you want to accomplish. With a plan, it’s much easier to develop a landing page that targets the right audience and delivers better results. You have to understand why you are building a landing page and what you offer in return for users giving you their details. With a perfect plan, you will likely create a landing page that will bring in more conversions. 

Creating a landing is an essential and straightforward task. However, coming up with pages that deliver better results can be a hard nut to crack if you have no idea of what is needed. Shared in this article are professional tricks you can borrow to achieve your desired results. Once you are done with the pages, it’s recommended that you test to ensure that the page will deliver. 

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