Business is about money, and one great way to make money is through the development of artificial intelligence. This is beneficial in many ways, cutting down on time and energy that it takes for humans to complete certain tasks, to the potential of even replacing people all together to reduce the costs of running a business. Here are some ways that AI is used in business that you may not know about.

Inventory And Asset Tracking

Small businesses can get away with using manual inputs and entry in order to keep track of all their inventory, equipment, and goods. AI plays a key role, however, as those businesses look for ways to grow and expand. As your business grows, so too will all your assets and equipment, forcing you to have to worry about more inventory to keep track of. There are many aspects that you need to consider that require a lot of your time and energy to keep track of such numbers. You have to keep records of where your goods are and with which clients if they are used on a loaned or leased method, you need to understand how to properly maintain them and understand when it is time to purchase new goods as replacements. All of this is time-consuming, and an automated AI system provides you the ease of dealing with such processes so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. 

Content Management

AI is used in everyday business, whether you are paying attention or not. Social media, a platform that many people use to pass the time and as a means of entertainment, is much more manipulated by artificial intelligence than you know. There are algorithms that work in a way that pushes content to certain users to engage with, while its users stray further away from a genuine interaction, to a more business-focused approach. AI is used to maximize those algorithms, automating times where they share and post content in order to be as exposed to as much of their following as possible. Certain times in the day for different regions show significantly increased numbers in different ways of interaction. AI can help properly manage the content of different businesses online and how they are shared at ideal times in the day in order to garner the greatest amount of attention possible. Many businesses use this for their marketing and advertising strategies. 

Correlation Analysis

One way that businesses use AI in an unusual or unfamiliar way than how most people would assume is through the stock market and through correlation analysis. The idea of correlation analysis is essentially the comparison or relation of two independent entities. Correlation identifies a possible relationship between two variables. You can have a positive correlation, whereas one variable increases, the second does as well. A negative correlation translates to an increase in one variable and a similar decrease in the other variable at the same rate and time. This signifies potential in the idea that two factors could be impacting one another, whether that is one impacts the other or they both have a symbiotic relationship that affects each other. If you use this tool in markets, you may be able to accurately predict certain prices, fluctuations in values, and changes in the markets you are viewing, which if done with consistency, becomes extremely valuable.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the ways that AI can be used by businesses is through search engines. When users plugin searches of different requests and inquiries, the responses they get are based on computer algorithms to determine the best possible answers to such questions. Businesses learned about these algorithms and game them in order to put their websites, and ultimately, their business as a top search result, gaining more traffic.


Robotics and machines are common in many industries and businesses, but you would be surprised just how many different companies are exploring the use of artificial intelligence and how they incorporate it into their company. From surgery robots in hospitals to customer service robots in hospitality, there are many areas where you will find new strides and attempts to further the technology available for all sorts of industries. There are robots making foods, replacing chefs in the kitchen, to ones that are cleaning homes. It may still be a long time until robots replace humans in the workforce, but many businesses are exploring different ways to cut costs and be more profitable.

AI Learning In Captcha

Captcha, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is a tool used online to ensure that users are accessing certain services and products genuinely, and not through the use of bots. Oftentimes, captcha requires you to identify certain difficult-to-decipher words or even images, most often on the road. These prompts have been used to help develop AI recognition for reading as well as understanding how to navigate and identify surroundings when you would be in a vehicle. This data is huge for certain tech-based businesses, those that are trying to innovate with things such as self-driving vehicles or cars. This just explores a small fraction of the potential for AI learning.

Market Research

AI can be used not only for specific individuals and consumers, but it can be used by businesses to create a picture of what certain consumers look like, clumping them together to build a different demographic, and then eventually target those specifically that will be most inclined to purchase their goods or services. Everything you do online creates data and information that is used to paint a picture of who you are as a consumer. There are cookies or tracking tools on many websites that you visit to record what it is that you are viewing and purchasing. Companies can use AI to figure out what types of customers they have and use that information to build marketing and advertising strategies that will be more effective in reaching those specific people. 

In a consistently evolving industry and business, you need to do what you can to stay ahead of the competition. AI development and implementation can ensure that you keep up with industry standards and your competitors. Technology is a great tool to have, and AI is just another step up with many potential benefits to explore.

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