CART transcription or communication access real-time translation is used for displaying text instantly on a screen. In other words, during a live event, a speech will be displayed instantaneously on the screen and you can read along. This can have a lot of benefits for the audience and you as a business.

The great thing about CART transcription is that it is very versatile it is going to be beneficial at a lot of different events and in a variety of scenarios. Let’s take a look at some so that you can gain inspiration and see how beneficial CART transcription can be for your business.

How CART Transcription Can Be Beneficial For Your Business

Make Your Content More Accessible

Does your business have a website that provides a lot of content to your audience? You probably concentrate on making the content high-quality and worthwhile for your customers. Indeed, this is important. But have you thought about how accessible your content is to everybody in society? To instantly become more inclusive with your content, you can use CART transcription. This can allow those that are hard of hearing or not native English speakers to enjoy the same content.

For instance, say that you want to release videos to help your audience and this includes a few live broadcasts. You can use CART captions to enable anybody that is hard of hearing or a non-English speaker to enjoy the video. Imagine that the content you are posting is complicated, using tricky language and jargon specific to the industry. What can make the whole process a lot easier is having CART transcription. Having the speech displayed as text can make it easier to follow. Instead of getting lost and confused, your audience can read along. This reflects well on your business.

Improve Your Business Meetings

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to attend every business meeting. Indeed, you may work with a team around the world and different time zones mean you cannot communicate with everybody in the same room. There can also be short-term problems that occur that can hinder your business meeting progress. Perhaps someone is sick or on vacation and need to access the meeting remotely.

However, CART transcriptions can be a great tool to use in video meetings. It can allow other members of the team to join you from different locations. In this way, they can still be present and take in the same information. Reading along can also be a good way to digest the important points from the meeting. This is beneficial for all employees and the business as a whole.

Improve SEO Efforts

It does not matter whether you are a new or established business. You know how important it is to have a good SEO strategy for your online website. If you have run out of ideas on how you can boost your efforts, we suggest using CART transcription if you upload videos. Since you include captions, search engines are able to crawl this information and this can boost your position on the search pages. So, you do not have to create new content. Instead, just add captions to your existing ones.

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