When it comes to top-notch VPN providers, NordVPN is serious in giving optimum online security and protection for its users. If you are a Canadian resident and want to access region-restricted streaming services, websites, online, games, and more, then it’s time to reconsider using a robust VPN provider. 

How Many Servers NordVPN has in Canada?

How Many Servers Are There In Canada for NordVPN

NordVPN has the largest gateways worldwide, with over 5400 secured servers in 62+ countries worldwide, no wonder it’s been a top recommended service provider for VPNs. 

There are 470+ gateways in 3 major cities in Canada. Since the distance affects the speed of your VPN, you can choose from Montreal, Vancouver, or Toronto among the host cities for your Canadian IP address. 

NordVPN even offers its subscribers tons of options while they provide optimum digital privacy and protection. 

It comes with speciality servers which include Dedicated IP address, Onion Over VPN, P2P, and Double VPN. It’s feature-rich and one of the reasons why NordVPN has been recommended by best VPN Canada as the best service provider among other competitors. It allows you to connect six simultaneous devices for complete peace of mind and security.    

NordVPN servers worldwide

  • The Americas (2436 servers)
  • Europe (2149 servers)
  • Africa, India, and the Middle East (131 servers)
  • Asia Pacific (682 servers)

NordVPN Features

  • 24/7 Support Team
  • No Logs Policy
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 6 Devices Simultaneously Connected
  • Robust Data Encryption
  • Hides IP Address And Keep Anonymity
  • 400+ Canadian Servers in 3 Cities
  • 5400+ Secured Gateways Worldwide
  • 256-AES Encryption
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Offers Browse Extension for Firefox And Chrome
  • auto-Kill Switch
  • Revolutionary NordLynx Protocol
  • IKEv2/IPsec and OpenVPN Protocols
  • P2P File Sharing
  • Compatibility With Most OS
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • 30-Day Guaranteed Money-Back

Advantages of Using NordVPN

  • Using a VPN provides optimum online privacy and hides your identity.
  • It enables you to bypass regional-restricted websites, streaming services, online games, and best deals on your region. 
  • A VPN prevents your ISP’s bandwidth throttling.
  • It secures your digital connections and all your online activities. 
  • It allows you to share files and torrent safely.
  • VPNs can bypass Firewalls.
  • It offers faster online connection and optimizes your network.
  • It blocks ads and malware so you’ll have a better and secure browsing experience.
  • It provides a secure connection, especially when connected to public and free WiFi. 

Do You Need A VPN In Canada?

It would be best if you used a VPN in Canada to have complete security and protect your privacy while online. A VPN re-routes the traffic you create to their secured servers to guarantee anonymity. 

Using a VPN allows you to have freedom and protection in one. You can have access to geo-restricted sites or streaming services like Netflix. NordVPN can bypass restricted contents online. Aside from that, protecting your privacy and all sensitive data from prying eyes, hackers, or third-parties. 

With a VPN, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your digital activities are protected against cyber threats emerging online. Since hackers cannot track and monitor your online activities, it will be harder for these cybercriminals to dig deeper into your private life as you are anonymous and your IP address is masked. 

Can You Use NordVPN in Canada?

NordVPN is one of the most reliable and trusted service providers for Canadians when it comes to robust encryption and digital privacy. NordVPN offers double VPN features making it a robust provider of digital security. 

It’s completely safe and legal to use a virtual private network in Canada. No laws are prohibiting the use of VPN in the country. However, being responsible for all your digital activities is vital. 

Whether you are not engaged in any criminal matters, keeping your privacy from prying eyes, government surveillance, hackers, or third-party is essential. You don’t want anyone checking your personal information and accessing all sensitive data without your consent.  


The number of servers a VPN provider has is vital as it enables users/subscribers to have multiple resources at the same time. Since NordVPN has the most servers worldwide, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re secured and have high-speed connectivity wherever and whenever in need. 

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