Transcription is one of those undervalued strategy models with a great payoff at the end of the day. Marketing strategists often overlook its potential because of the common knowledge people don’t like to read as much in today’s day and age. However, its whole purpose doesn’t simply lie in reading. It has its great advantages in every sphere of maintaining a great business model and, best of all, because it is a relatively new strategy, you will be way ahead of your competition.

How Quality Transcribing Can Be Valuable To Your Marketing Efforts

Is It Efficient?

Despite its values, isn’t transcription time-consuming? You will not have to transcribe full text manually. Today, things work more automatically; as you can see at, transcription can be done by simply entering an audio file. It can be acquired and has low-to-nothing costs. 

When trying to manage your time and business, you can present your ideas vocally and have them automatically written out. It certainly has a great advantage on the efficiency scale. Organizing your content can sometimes be extremely time consuming, and everything is undoubtedly more reachable when it’s written out.

Content Diversity

As previously mentioned, brainstorming plays a huge role in the creation of valuable content. In the old times, there was always a person in the conference room that had to type every idea out and organize it. With the evolution of technology, we now have an opportunity to film the whole meeting and later have it transcribed in no time, making more time for thinking. 

In fact, you can more easily revisit previous ideas that, at some point in time, didn’t seem useful. If you are focused on making audio-visual content, like webinars, interviews, podcasts, or simple videos, having it all written out can make your content more diverse. Why should you be focused on only one format when many options can be more alluring to different people?

Improved Relationship with Consumers

One of the uses of a written word along with visual content can be found in captions. Think of it this way, you are on public transport, you are going to work, and you are looking to pass the time. You open your social media, and you see a video or a podcast that interests you greatly. 

You don’t have your headphones with you, and playing it out loud would be plain rude. With captioned video, you have an opportunity to consume the media at any given time and any place. Besides that, with transcribed content, you allow everyone to consume it. Imagine how helpful it can be to a person with hearing disabilities.

Getting the Full Picture

Now let’s look at it from the perspective of an SEO manager. The people who help you build your website and brand could prosper with all the information about your business in one place. That would also help raise your visibility, as search engine scale primarily works with keyword relevance. Most of the big companies have already realized the importance of transcription. 

For example, Microsoft is already adding the transcription feature in its Microsoft Office Word app. Along with more organized and relevant content also comes with having better insight into all the possible aspects of your marketing and product. Having all the relevant data written out gives you an understanding of the whole picture of what you are doing and what your goals are.

Why Not Have Quality AND Quantity?

We often relate quantity with a lack of quality. However, as we are talking about your content, just in a different form, you can use it in whichever way you please. For instance, you could use quotes from your video and audio records in presentations or speeches. That would make them more memorable, and your audience would have a better understanding of your product. Also, it is commonly used when doing copywriting

Copywriting is the part of advertising which gets potential clients hooked. As previously mentioned, having your keywords written out for you helps attract audiences as it gives your web-site traction and brings it up on the search engine visibility scale. So, as can be seen, with transcription, you can reuse and multiply your content in new and creative ways.

Final Word

Every day we directly or indirectly consume advertising in its many forms. By having your words converted in the textual form, you have many more options in upping the ante of your business strategies. It also makes your ideas and thoughts available to a broader set of audiences. Besides that, testing the reviews of clients is made much more uncomplicated and time-efficient. Transcription in marketing has a long term payoff at an extremely low cost. 

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