The world has completely transformed itself after the COVID-19 outbreak. Several businesses have digitalized themselves to incorporate themselves with the fast-moving digital landscape. We are all aware of the constant exchange of data in the digital world. Engineers and software development companies are devoted to the security of this data. Moreover, this data helps generate feedback and allows developers to make well-informed decisions. However, custom software development that is data-driven software is created a lot of problems for companies. Before we jump into the common problems of custom software development, let’s try to understand what it is. 

How to Avoid Common Problems with Data-Driven Software Development?

What is Data-Driven Custom Software Development?

Did you know that software does not only have to support data-driven decision making; instead, it can also become data-driven! Data-driven custom software opens a whole new range of possibilities for complex problems, something which is not possible through traditional methods of programming. Custom software development is the procedure in which software is customized according to the requirements that are specific to the organization or the customers. 

Custom software development can be thought of as a bank in which applications are developed that are specific to each user. Naturally, everyone’s needs are different, and it is highly preferred for customers to have an application that is well-suited to their needs. This is exactly what custom software development aims for – to create data-driven software that is tailor-made according to the needs of the customer. Other than providing bespoke solutions to their customers, custom software development have several other advantages. Let’s have a look!

1. Efficient

It is probably not surprising to know that data-driven custom software development is highly efficient. Naturally, something that is tailored to fit your needs based on data-driven decisions is bound to be more efficient. In the case of traditional software, businesses have to adapt their business to obtain maximum benefit from the software, but not in this case, because this is made for you!

2. Easy to Integrate

Custom software built for your company will naturally have features that are compatible with your existing software. Most companies that shift to new software are also bound to shift their existing resources so that they can integrate them with the new ones. This is not the case in custom software development, and helps you save a lot of money too. 

3. Scalability Made Easier

Unplanned business growth can create several problems for businesses. Naturally, as a business grows, the processes will become more complex, and there will be the issue of increasing the scale of the processes. Your software development company will take care of these problems beforehand. This will not only save you from the hassle of scaling up your business processes but will also help you save on costs. 

The Common Problems of Custom Software Development?

Up till now, we have discussed the advantages of custom software development. It may be highly beneficial for your company to opt for software that is customized to suit the needs of your business. However, at the same time, it is also important to understand that there may be some problems that you might have to face while you integrate the software. Below are a few common problems of custom software development. 

1. Cost Overruns

The most challenging part of any project is the planning phase. If the planning phase is not carried in the right way, then there is a chance that you miscalculate your budget and end up ruining your project schedule. The issue with custom software development is that even if you miss out on one detail in the planning phase, it will end up messing your budget and cause cost overruns. Therefore, it is advised that you work with someone who fully understands your needs. When it comes to custom software development, unlike the fixed- cost projects, cost overruns are extremely common, and you should be well-prepared for them. Typically companies that opt for custom-built software keep a cushion in case they exceed their expenses. 

2. Wrong Implementation

It sounds great on paper that your company will have its customized software, but imagine if the software is implemented incorrectly. Yikes! Well, this is a common problem too. You might end up with incorrect implementation due to the lack of knowledge of the new software among your employees; therefore, you should be proactive and give your employees the training required beforehand. 

3. Failed results

The worst possible issue that can happen when implementing your software is that you don’t get the desired results. Imagine going through the entire planning and execution phase to see that your custom software is not working out how you expected. Due to the high initial cost, this might crush your entire organization from its core. 

Tips for Successful Data-Driven Custom Software Development

  • Custom software development can solve a lot of problems in your existing organization, but at the same time, it can create a whole new set of problems. You must be well educated about the new software and hire a company that is well-versed with the internal operational functions of your organization. Moreover, having a business partner that helps you develop bespoke solutions is great for long-term projects as well since you will be hand in hand when walking through difficulties. 
  • The best way to avoid any future problems when you are going for custom software development is to think long and hard during the planning phase. You should sit down with your business partners and list down your requirements again and again. This way, everyone will be on the same page during execution.

More Tips to Avoid Common Problems with Data-Driven Software

1. Company Vision

One of the main components that enable a data-driven culture is the company vision. Adhering to the company vision during software development ensures compliance and relevance. Company vision also leads to the development of other factors such as KPIs and OKRs, which are essential to creating the correct software. 

2. KPIs

KPIs or Key Performance Indicators help measure how the company has been performing in terms of revenues and ROIs, etc. KPIs are essential in the successful development and implementation of data-driven software because they keep the software in line with the company’s vision and goals. 

3. OKRs

OKRs or objectives and key results refer to goals that can be measured. These goals measure performance against the set performance goals, thus keeping software development in check to avoid common problems.  

Bottom Line

Having a custom development software that fulfills all your business needs sounds like the ideal situation for your business; however, it creates several problems as listed above. Once you learn to maneuver your way out of these problems, it will be a win-win for your company and your customers. Through our tips above, you can successfully steer your way out of difficult situations!

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Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for Dynamologic Solutions, Software Development Company USA

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