How many companies and brands have you seen without a logo? None, right. This should convey how essential logos are to all brands, no matter how big or small. The importance of having a great logo can make creating a logo a daunting task, but there is no need to worry. This guide will talk about the best ways to get the best logo design and ensure that you get a professional logo design that represents your brand correctly.

Logos are a brand’s most effective forms of identity. They communicate to the world what your brand is about, what it does, and what your company stands for. So now you know that logos are important, great, what’s next? Now we’re going to tell you the best way you can get a logo designed and ready to use for your business.

How To Create A Logo: Comparing The Best Ways To Get A Logo Designed

There are many ways to get the best logo designed, but that doesn’t mean that they are all great options to use. You need to pick the right method that increases the chances of you receiving a professionally designed logo that meets your brand’s requirements.

What are the different options? Well, they are:

  • Hire A Company Designing Logo
  • Hire A Freelancer
  • Make It Yourself Using Available Tools

The different options have their advantages and disadvantages, these include factors such as price, time taken for the logo to be created, and quality.

Now that we know the different methods available to create logos, let’s take a much more in-depth look into these options. This will help you decide which option is the best choice for you to get the best logo design for your brand.

Hiring A Logo Design Company

This option will definitely give you great results and ensure that you receive a logo design that represents your brand correctly and makes a powerful statement. This is because the professional logo designing company will specialize in logos and they will know the dos and don’ts of logo design. They simply know how to create a logo. If you want great results, then hire one of the best logo creation services to help you.

There are many of these companies in the market, and the price they will charge you will vary, as well as the quality of work and turnover time for the logo’s design. You need to look for good logo design services that have worked with companies in your industry before. While this isn’t essential, this will increase the likelihood of the logo creation company understanding your brand and knowing exactly what you need.

Advantages of Logo Design Companies:

  • You will be working with experts who know what they are doing.
  • They will help guide you through the difficult process of logo design and help you refine your logo’s design, so it represents your brand the way you want it to.
  • They can use the data that they have collected to create a logo that has a larger amount of appeal to more people. Especially your target market.

Disadvantages of Logo Design Companies:

  • They are expensive. The prices vary from company to company.
  • The turnover time for the logo is usually high. You will need to wait a long time for the logo to be completed.

Hiring A Freelancer

Hiring an independent designer to create your logo can have mixed results. The quality that is offered by freelancers can vary greatly. If you decide to choose this option, then you need to vet their portfolio thoroughly and contact their previous clients and ask about the service the freelancer provided and if it met their expectations.

If you decide to choose a freelancer, then you should check their portfolio and ensure that their designs have a similar style to what you are looking for, contact their previous clients and check their testimonials, and ask questions such as how you will be charged, and what is offered for the amount you are paying.

Advantages of Freelancers:

  • They are flexible and can customize the logo’s design according to your needs.
  • Since you hired the freelancer with the portfolio you found was the greatest. You will receive logo designs in that similar style for your brand.

Disadvantages of Freelancers:

  • Their quality can vary greatly as freelancers can be beginners to logo design or experts in it.
  • A lot of time may be taken to vet the freelancers.
  • If everything isn’t agreed upon before the logo design process begins, then you might go over budget and the time taken for the logo to be created could increase.

Creating The Logo Yourself

You can create logos yourself using the different tools and software available online. The various free-to-use tools offer templates that consist of different shapes, colors, icons, and fonts that you can use for your logo. Keep in mind that while creating the logo using the tool may be free, you might need to pay to use the final logo that you created. The price can vary depending on the tool you are using.

There are many logo design tools available. Some of the most popular ones include Logomaker, Wix Logo Maker, Logo Design, Adobe Illustrator, and Canva Logo Maker.

Advantages of Creating Your Logo:

  • They are cheap to use.
  • You can create your brand’s logo quickly
  • You have complete control over the logo design process

Disadvantages of Creating Your Logo:

  • The quality of the logo usually isn’t very good, and the logo may look generic.
  • You are limited to your own skill sets and will not be able to draw from any logo designing expertise if you haven’t designed a logo before.
  • It can be difficult to further customize the logo unless you know how to use other editing software.


The pros and cons of the different methods of logo creation should be looked at and thought about before any decision is made. Usually, companies tend to hire a professional logo design company to work on their logo if they have the budget as this ensures high-quality results. This may not be possible for everyone, so weigh up the options and make the best possible choice for you so you can get the best company logo.

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