Marketing has completely changed ever since the internet became a thing. Staying competitive today means utilizing innovative marketing strategies. One of the latest trends that are slowly gaining in popularity is video marketing. 

Join us as we go over some of the ways you can use videos more efficiently in your video marketing campaign, and boost your reach. 

How to Efficiently Use Videos in Your Video Marketing Campaign

Why Video Matters? 

The internet is a powerful tool. It’s a gateway to knowledge that trumps any encyclopedia or anything else that comes in physical form. However, the knowledge itself is only a part of the equation. By using the internet, you also have access to all the people who are online as well. 

That idea alone – that you can reach people far away in an instant – has changed the game for businesses everywhere. It introduced online marketing. One of the first stages of online marketing involved extensive written content. 

For the most part, this is still the golden standard. However, the evolving nature of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and other factors has forced marketing experts to look for other tools. Having an awesome review is no longer enough to give you a competitive edge. 

The solution is adding video to the mix

How Does Video Help? 

Humans are highly visual creatures. Although we’re the only species (as far as we know) that can imagine complex concepts and situations, we still mostly rely on our eyes to learn about the world around us. 

Letters on a screen can contain all kinds of detailed descriptions of events, services, or products, but nothing comes close to a video. Using this visual aid boosts conversions, plain and simple. 

However, there is a much more important reason why using video matters – it allows you to present your business to potential clients and familiarize them with who you are as a brand. Additionally, you get to choose the way you’re engaging with your target audience. 

Different Types of Video Marketing Campaigns 

Marketing is all about showing the value of your product/service to your potential clients. One of the most common forms of video marketing is commercials. The thing is, you don’t have to take this route.

There are other ways to utilize video in your campaign. Giving people value through information is generally a good way to do any kind of marketing. The number of small businesses out there, who have started their own YouTube channels is immense. 

Their idea is simple – start filming various tutorials and other instructional content. By doing so, you’re achieving three things: 

  • You’re showing your potential customers that you’re the type of business that cares. 
  • You’re actively marketing your products and/or services through these videos 
  • You are giving them something of value for free 
Different Types of Video Marketing Campaigns

Make It Look Good 

One of the most common mistakes people make when dipping their toes in video marketing is underestimating the importance of quality production. Granted, not everyone is Spielberg, but some standards simply have to be met. 

Good production quality doesn’t necessarily mean massive investments. It’s more about the person behind the camera than the camera itself. It pays in dividends to either hire a pro to film your videos, or to learn about this subject yourself

Doing so will greatly improve the reach of your content, while you’re also increasing the chances of your videos going viral. 

Also, there are no rules when it comes to content that goes viral. If the video is hot enough, it will be run through Viddly YT Downloader or similar software by someone, and then shared on other platforms as well. A single viral video is enough to launch a brand, let alone a product. 

Understand Your Audience 

Knowing who you’re marketing products or services to is imperative. That’s marketing 101. The same goes for video marketing. Understanding what your audience wants to see will greatly affect your choice of audio, scenery, and just about every other aspect of the video you’re making. 

If you’re a business that sells automotive tools, you’ll probably want to film your content in a garage, surrounded by cars. Likewise, if you’re a bakery that’s trying to get into the recipe video niche, filming in a garage would probably be a bad idea. 

Don’t Forget the Audio 

Over 50% of consumers want to see a video about the brand/product they’re purchasing. Even so, the message within the video is still most likely going to come in the form of audio. Whether it’s the narrator pitching your company’s slogan, or simply you sharing your business pitch, audio matters. 

the message within the video is still most likely going to come in the form of audio

Fortunately for everyone, good quality audio equipment isn’t too expensive these days. Getting a quality microphone is essential but also affordable. 

We recommend that you dig into the world of audio, especially if you plan on using any kind of music in your videos. There are plenty of awesome free sound libraries out there, but it’s always better to have a unique tune of your own running in the background. 

Package It Right 

If you’re creating a standalone commercial or ad, you need to tell a story in a minute or two. That takes a lot of skill, but it’s more than possible. Being concise isn’t about saving time or staying within that narrow timeframe of someone’s focus. 

It’s about getting your message across in a convincing, strong way. Your potential customers or clients don’t need to learn every bit of your company’s history from that video. You can point them elsewhere for that information. Make it short and sweet, but make it impactful. 

It’s no secret that video marketing is here to stay. However, it’s not yet used nearly as much. Now is the perfect time to utilize it to your advantage and gain an edge over your competition. We hope that these tips will help you on your way to build a successful video marketing campaign. 

At the very least, we hope that we’ve pointed you in the right direction. Make sure to keep learning about this subject as that’s the only way to stay on top of the emerging trends. 

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