A high level of productivity is what is expected from the employees in the modern-day workplace. The greatest asset of any business is its workforce, and since competition is fierce, it is important to always be able to satisfy the appetite of the demanding clients. This usually results in leveling up the workload, which contributes to staff burnout and a loss of efficiency. If employees are overworked and overwhelmed, they will find it difficult to complete all of their assigned tasks, which impacts the future growth of their career and business itself. In this article, we will explore a few strategies you can use to better manage a heavy workload.

Stop multitasking

Regardless if you have an amazing group of extremely organized employees, you should however encourage them to avoid multitasking. We know that the business community has encouraged the art of multitasking for years, but if you are looking for work to be completed accurately on time, multitasking can be anything but productive. Engaging in multiple tasks simultaneously lowers the efficiency levels and hurts the quality of work being outputted. It can also cause additional stress on an employee, affecting their personal life, which always results in unsatisfied employees, and therefore, unhappy customers. To avoid poor work performance it is essential to organize staff and work in such a way, to avoid one person focusing on more than one task at a time.

Prioritize the work

At the beginning of each workday, gather your team members together, sit down, and review all the tasks that need to be completed. Have the tasks organized by level of importance. Prioritizing tasks will provide a guide for employees to follow, decrease the amount of time needed to be spent on a single task, and therefore increase overall efficiency. Additionally, while deciding which tasks need to be completed first and which can wait for later in the day, it is advised to prioritize completing the most difficult tasks. Finishing the most time-consuming tasks at the beginning of your workday gives you a feeling of accomplishment and extra motivation that helps you go through the rest of the day. Avoid distributing these types of tasks late in the day when everybody will be mentally exhausted, and almost completely unproductive. 

Use cloud platforms

Online mobile platforms allow you to put your business on the move.  Cloud platforms are providing access to all the information via mobile devices, even when not in the office. The details of the entire project to be seen by all members of the team if everybody’s connected to the same cloud management platform. Since everything can be seen by all team members, it allows the group to collaborate, share ideas, and make suggestions or changes directly on the platform. This platform also allows team members to set alerts, encouraging them to hold each other accountable, and on-call when needed. The ability to get work done from anywhere means that your business productivity will surely increase.

Be realistic

Whether this is for yourself or your team, it is essential to set realistic deadlines. As for multitasking, handling too much work at once can only keep you unproductive in the end. Setting unachievable deadlines can be damaging to your business as well as yourself, since it will only put more unnecessary mental pressure both on you and your teammates, resulting in higher levels of stress. Consider everyone’s ability to have a particular piece of work done and then assign tasks and the complexity of the workload based on your assessments and each employee’s abilities. This way you will make sure that all the work will be done correctly. If you want your business to last and grow remember to always prioritize quality over quantity.


When you get stuck with a heavy workload it is perhaps time to consider outsourcing. There are many situations where you might need a person with a specific set of skills to do a part of the job for you. Whether you need an administrative assistant to help you out keep on top of administrative tasks, or a technician to easily fix something it would take you days, outsourcing can really help cut down the considerable amount of effort and time required to finish a task yourself. There are many online platforms where you can find highly rated professionals to help you complete a certain task, with high efficiency. Besides handling a job to an expert in a particular area, It will also enable you to focus on nurturing and growing your business.  

Work hard and stick to a plan

When you are working, work as hard as you can. Dismiss everything that may distract you, including your smartphone, unless it’s required for the business. If you are working from home, arrange your workplace to avoid any potential procrastination. You will need to be self-motivated to dive into the work, especially in the situations of workload, so it is essential to make sure to stay focused and productive when you need to be. Writing down a plan to accomplish the tasks that you have set for yourself is proven to increase productivity and efficiency. Whether you chose to use a pen and a piece of paper or opt-out for a mobile calendar planner, making a good plan and sticking to it is highly beneficial. 


It is very important to preserve your mental health and wellbeing in the cases of workload. To accomplish that, you will also need to take time away from the business occasionally, whether it is a weekend away, or simply a day off. Besides planning tasks, make sure to plan a break off of work too. Sometimes, you will be required to work long hours to make your business a success, so you will need to manage your time wisely, otherwise, you risk facing burnout. Taking time out to recharge is essential to ensure that you have a good life-work balance.

Successfully running a business is a lot of work, especially when there’s suddenly too much work to be done. Following and remembering the tips outlined above can help you manage the workload most effectively next time it hits you. 

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