Do you have a brand new, beautifully designed website but are getting frustrated with the lack of sales? These sales are also known as conversions and it can be difficult to get visitors to convert to customers. Typically, when your website is lacking in sales, it is related to one of two things: little to no traffic or a user’s poor experience when using your website. If you are seeing a decent amount of traffic to your site, you can bet that you can improve user experience.

How to Improve User Experience and Increase Conversions

We’re going to tell you how you can improve your website’s user experience which will ultimately increase your conversions. Keep reading for more information! 

Defining User Experience

User experience, otherwise known as UX is somewhat subjective. One website may be considered very user-friendly by one person and completely terrible by the next. Generally, a website that creates a great UX will follow a certain design.

So, what is UX design? A website that follows a UX design method will take into account the user’s needs, their habits, and even their doubts about your product. Ultimately, the design will be centered around being user-friendly and consistent, but also simple, honest, and need-focused. 

Improving your user experience will often take time, patience, trial and error, as well as attention to detail. If a user happens to click on broken links or can’t find the item they’re looking for, chances are they will navigate away from your site never to return. Website abandonment is detrimental to any growing business.

On the other hand, positive user experiences can create loyal customers and differentiate your website from others. Even when another website is selling similar items at the same cost, great user experiences will continue to bring return customers back. 

Help Customers Get in Touch

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase something from a website and had issues doing so, you already know the annoyance that comes with it – especially when you can’t reach someone for help. 

This is where creating a contact form will be helpful. When you allow customers a chance to reach out with questions, comments, or concerns about the website, you are opening the door for communication. 

This communication will help users feel as though their issues are heard and allow you to fix any problems you may have overlooked. You’ll be able to gather the information needed to respond to the contact in a personalized manner and address any concerns that are brought to light. 

This is especially helpful when a potential customer is receiving errors or unable to locate a product that they’d like to purchase. However, it’s also nice to receive the compliments that occasionally come through! 

Branch Out Into the World

The worldwide web is just that: worldwide. This means that people from all walks of life, many countries, and several languages may be finding your website. This is wonderful for sales, as you may develop customers halfway across the world without even trying. 

Unfortunately, when people find a website in a language they can’t understand, they generally will navigate away from it in favor of a site they can understand. Many of the free translator apps don’t offer the same quality as manual translation might but manual translation can become costly. 

Choosing to translate your website by using a plug-in may be the option for you. There are several choices available depending on the amount and type of content that you need to be translated including the translation of the entire page or simply the names and descriptions of the product. 

Either way, choosing to offer your website in a variety of languages will help users to have a better experience, increasing the chances of conversion. 

Offer Helpful Information (and Drive Traffic)

Chances are, you and another company are selling similar products at similar prices. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, but let’s face it – you want to be people’s first choice when it comes to their purchase. 

How to Improve User Experience and Increase Conversions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you become people’s first choice because when done properly, you’ll be seen before your competition. However, having SEO content can also help improve your website’s user experience as well. 

If you make the choice to have a weekly or bi-weekly blog post about your products, the benefits of them, or anything that relates to them, your traffic will increase. Not only that, but visitors to your site will likely find this information helpful which builds trust with potential customers. 

Because a blog can be about (almost) anything you want it to be, you can discuss new products, advertise specials, and generally keep customers in the loop with your business. Additionally, as your authority grows, your website’s blog will be sought out for information, bringing in new leads and possible conversions! 

The Gist: Positive User Experience Increase Conversions

Ultimately, when your website is built with your customers in mind, you will see higher conversions. To do this, you need to take into account how they view your website (both on a computer and mobile) and if all aspects are in working order. 

Positive User Experience Increase Conversions

If you can’t afford to run a third-party test, take the time yourself. Comb through your website, look for grammatical errors, click on all the links, send a test contact email, and make sure the site is easy to understand and navigate. When you’re the person that has built the site, it may seem intuitive to you; put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

What do you like about the site? What could potentially be confusing or misleading? Are there any missing or broken links? Can this website be accessed and understood across the world? 

When you can answer all of these questions and are happy with the results, you probably have a website that is user-friendly which will increase your sales conversions! 

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