After the devastating effects and controversial changes to businesses throughout a wide plethora of industries across the country during the coronavirus pandemic, advertising, especially in the digital arena, has become more important than ever before, with companies desperate to regain business momentum. 

Continue reading to discover the top ways to guarantee success with your digital marketing strategies, regardless of the size and type of your business.

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing?

Essentially, digital marketing is everything you as a company do to promote and advertise your products or services to new and existing companies, to encourage greater traffic flow to your website and to increase the overall awareness of your brand. 

The benefits of employing digital market techniques are abundant and include the ability to monitor its effectiveness instantly and continuously, the objective cost-effectiveness of the medium, the way it can be used to target your specific audience demographic and to increase interaction between your company and your customers. 

Key Types Of Digital Marketing

  • Public Relations
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • E-Mail Marketing

Public Relations

Public Relations is one of the most effective techniques in digital marketing and can be utilized by any organization to strengthen, more accurately define and to generally increase brand identity and subsequent awareness.

Public Relations (PR) strategies are especially useful in building an authentic reputation and trust in the services or products you supply, always ensuring that everything related to your business always has a ‘positive spin’ in the media. Ways to increase the effectiveness of your PR department include ensuring the relevant staff receive sufficient training, encourage happy customers to post positive reviews and product feedback, the implementation of chatbots and designating a specific member of staff to deal with feedback and complaints. 

Affiliate Marketing

In summary, affiliate marketing is when a business earns a commission from the advertisement or promotion of another non-conflicting product or service from another retailer. It is basically a marketing scheme and when utilized correctly, facilitates partnerships between businesses that otherwise wouldn’t have come to fruition. 

Benefits of the implementation of affiliate marketing include flexibility, an excellent source of secondary income, the relatively affordable nature of the method and the convenience it offers. 

Social Media

The meteoric rise of social media platforms as a viable and effective means of advertising and promotion frankly came as no surprise to anyone within the advertising sector, due to the convenience, accessibility and affordability associated with the medium. 

There are a wide plethora of ways to maximize the effectiveness of your social media management and to steadily build a larger company presence on social media:

  • Be informal with a human and personable tone and style
  • Create your own hashtag and use it at every opportunity
  • Keep a close eye on what is trending in your specific industry
  • Ensure your content is consistent across the various platforms
  • Identify your target customer or client audience base
  • Respond to customer enquiries and complaints quickly and effectively
  • Create a buzz around new products

Additionally, the classic tactic of a quality or novelty promotional freebie, such as a custom magic 8 ball, given to every new customer acquired by social media will increase the effectiveness even further.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Another incredibly effective and often utilized digital marketing strategy is the online advertising model whereby advertisers pay a company each time an internet user clicks on their advert. 

The most popular types of pay-per-click advertising include display advertising and paid search marketing, the former showing advertisements to people who search for specific words and the latter usually consisting of image or banner advertisements that appear on top of the company’s website. 

Content Marketing

Essentially, content marketing, one of the most popular forms of digital marketing, concerns itself with the development and distribution of related digital content, such as images, videos and other media, to attract new customers and to encourage existing ones to make another purchase. 

Content marketing is more of a long-term digital marketing technique than some of the other forms discussed in this article and can steadily build a greater understanding and identification of your company’s specific, targeted audience demographic. 

Forms of content marketing include infographics, social media, memes, videos, blog posts, GIFs, checklists, white papers, case studies, eBooks and interviews. There are multiple advantages of utilizing content marketing as part and parcel of your overall digital marketing strategy, which include an increase in traffic to your website, the education of quality content concerning your services and products and a boost to your search engine optimization rating.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is perhaps one of the less well-known forms of digital marketing and is essentially when customers or clients are encouraged and incentivized to share their experiences of dealing with your company, or simply to publicly review your services or products. It makes sense to think of viral marketing as the modern version of the traditional ‘word of mouth’ style of promotion. 

Viral marketing will afford your business a speedy way to generate new leads and expand your customer base as well as raise your company’s overall credibility levels in a relatively affordable way. 

Creating content that is guaranteed to become a part of your successful viral marketing strategy means you must be as personal, informal and engaging as possible and often takes the form of tag lines and buzz words.

E-Mail Marketing

If you are looking to improve your digital marketing strategy without breaking the proverbial bank, you cannot go wrong with investing your time into e-mail marketing. There is a multitude of benefits, including an extremely low-cost margin, the fact you are automatically directing to interested consumers and the sheer simplicity in creating, sharing and measuring the effectiveness of the content. 

To improve response rates from your e-mail marketing, ensure your contact lists are organized and divided into sections, work hard to construct an attention-grabbing opening line, keep your content concise and ‘snappy’ and include all your contact information in the e-mail. 

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