Over the past few years, programming has been one of the most in-demand skills in the job market. The rapid shift to the digital market is what pushes these companies or businesses to look for more skilled coders and programmers. 

That being said, we can safely assume that upskilling and learning a few programming languages is important for your future career. As the market becomes more digitized and globalized, employment in tech and information technology (IT) is projected to grow by 11% in the next 8 years, much faster than the average for all occupations.

With that, we have stated several reasons why it is worth upskill and learn a few programming languages.

Transferable skill

Your programming skill is not only limited and applicable to the tech industry. Since almost all industries are now powered by programs and computers, you would not have a hard time finding jobs in the other industries. Since it is a transferable skill, you apply it even in the legal, arts, engineering, and even manufacturing industry. Learning a few programming languages can land you several projects or job opportunities in different industries.  

On top of that, you can also acquire other skills whilst you learn these programming languages. For example, you would be able to think like a programmer. This would improve your syntax and problem-solving skills, which are transferable skills that you can use in other roles as well. 

Industry Digitization 

You might have noticed that almost all companies and businesses today now have a website, e-commerce platform, apps, social media accounts, and so on. That being said, almost all jobs or roles in the market now require you to know and understand at least a few coding languages. 

The market has now embraced digitization. In fact, digitization has made such a powerful impact in our life it even reduced unemployment. That being the case, it is worth looking more into and learning more about these programming languages that have made digitization possible. 

Another plus side that makes learning programming is that you can even work remotely and fulfill your job without having to leave the comfort of your home. Most jobs or roles that make use of these programming languages can be easily accomplished whilst working from home. 

Vibrant community

In contrast to what everyone believed, learning programming languages today has never been easier. Nowadays, there are several online courses, activities, projects, apps, or games that can teach you programming. You just need to find the right resources and learning materials that would work best for you.

On top of that, coders and programmers have built a strong community where they can easily share and ask questions to one another. So if you are in a sticky situation and cannot seem to run your code after several tries, then you can just ask anyone from the community to help you. 

 In fact, programming is never limited to a single age group. You can learn coding for kids or even try out more advanced courses or classes online. Whether you are a beginner, novice, or even an experienced coder, there would always be room for learning and improvement if you are connected with the community. Coders and programmers are always learning from each other and finding ways to make their programs more efficient and effective. 

IT in everyday life

Without a doubt, tech is now embedded in our everyday life. Almost everything we do at work or even at home is either related to computers or is powered by computer programs.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are surrounded by networks powered by programs. These programs are written and coded by human developers who know and understand these languages. That being the case, it is never not a good idea to learn programming. 

Among others things, almost everything you do in your everyday life is related to IT or tech. So it is always a great endeavor to learn a few coding languages. It would help you better understand the world around you and make your everyday life a lot easier. 

Develop structured and creative thinking

Learning a programming language does not only teach you one skill – in the process of learning this new language, you will develop and strengthen many other skills, including problem-solving, creative thinking, and organizational skills. This makes learning programming especially relevant for children (and adults!) who might struggle in these domains, including those with autism and ADHD.

In fact, research shows that doing structured, gamified lessons improve behaviors related to impulsiveness and inattention. Whether that is through short, educational games like Empowered Brain, or through focused lessons on coding, this can improve well-being and contribute to personal growth as well. 

By having more structured and creative thinking, you would be more decisive and you would be able to make decisions more critically. 

So apart from the things that we have mentioned above, learning programming languages would not just upskill your resume but would also improve your soft skills and contribute to your personal growth. 

With all things considered, we highly suggest you start looking and learning a few basic programming languages. 

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