Getting started on a new career path will always be a ragged road. However, there are things you can do to ensure a smooth path to success. When it comes to digital marketing, the industry offers exceptional career prospects and unlimited growth opportunities. But breaking into the industry and acquiring a foothold is impossible without relevant skills and experience. 

Today we’ll be looking at six ways you can kickstart your digital marketing career. Continue reading to find out!

Six ways to launch a career in digital marketing

1. Focus on lifelong learning

Keeping up with technological advancement is necessary for anyone looking for growth. Technology has considerable influence over almost every business sector, and digital marketing is no exception. The highly-competitive industry landscape coupled with skyrocketing growth rates means staying up to date with technological changes and trends is essential for success in the industry. For any beginner, commitment to learning the ropes can help you stand out from other candidates and charm hiring managers. 

Furthermore, getting professional education is probably the best option for a complete beginner. An MBA degree with a marketing concentration can equip you with everything you need to know to launch a career in marketing successfully. You can explore online MBA programs to get the education and experience you’re looking for!

2. Learn relevant skills

Employers all around the world are looking for talented marketers who can help them close the skill gaps that exist within their companies. A core responsibility of a marketer is assisting businesses to achieve goals such as boosting leads, revenues, and market presence as technology continues to take over all aspects of the business sector.

To pursue a career in digital marketing, you will need to possess a set of specialized talents essential to the job and an understanding of the process and workflows used in the sector. 

In addition, as a professional marketer, you are assumed to grasp marketing jargon such as SERP, SEM, PPC, and SEO, to mention a few. If you cannot demonstrate an understanding of the appropriate terminology used in your industry, potential employers and other experts will see this as a clear indication that you don’t meet the criteria for the job and will need more training.

Professionals in search engine optimization also need to be abreast of real-time algorithm updates to guarantee that their client’s sites are properly optimized and in line with industry standards.

3. Build a professional network

Your network will become your strength when trying to switch jobs or even your career. After all, in the end, it all boils down to who you know. So work on your networking skills to make connections with industry experts who can guide you in the right direction and connect you with the right resources. Furthermore, you can rapidly build a robust support system in the industry that will have your back whenever you encounter difficulties once you learn to network successfully.

With the right network, you can find opportunities you may never have found otherwise. To expand your network, you can join industry seminars and conferences, participate in meetups, and join relevant organizations, societies, and social platforms.

3. Let your creativity shine

Digital marketing is one field where creativity is highly valued, so if you think your idea has what it takes to succeed, you should give it a go.

You can utilize your creative talents in many contexts and roles to stand out from the crowd. Although one is expected to follow standard practices, that does not diminish the room for creativity – you can add your spin to projects and infuse them with originality and creativity. The more innovative you are, the higher the likelihood that someone will take notice of you and offer you the job of your dreams.

4. Don’t underestimate personal projects

To work in digital marketing, you may not need any special credentials, but that doesn’t imply that employers will automatically hire you.

The first step is to hone your digital marketing expertise and show that you have the required skills for the job. You can create a professional portfolio highlighting your working qualification to achieve this. However, don’t forget to include samples of your creative work.

When it comes to digital marketing, there is no clear-cut answer to any question. And since search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, what works today may not work tomorrow. Therefore, you can use your projects to try out new ideas or marketing strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Social Media Marketing, and Content Marketing.

5. Build yourself an online brand

It is essential to have a noticeable online presence if you want to establish credibility as a digital marketer. Not having an online presence is equivalent to lacking the skills and expertise for the job. By cultivating an online brand, you can establish a powerful online presence that you can leverage to demonstrate to prospective employers that you have what they want.

Building an online presence also means experimenting with and learning about various marketing approaches through practical experience. Your blog or website can be a lab where you can experiment with marketing strategies and find what works best. Lastly, nothing else may better illustrate your abilities than proving that you have truly developed something from the ground up.

6. Be an all-rounder

Hiring managers usually prefer candidates with broad marketing knowledge and expertise in a few areas. Marketing agencies are always looking for candidates with diverse marketing skillset, especially those who can perform well in cross-functional domains. Taking what you learned in one area and applying it to another is a great skill that companies value. For example, after finding the keywords that bring in the most leads for a sponsored search, you can apply the same for organic campaigns and bring in better leads. 

Apart from that, an understanding of analytics is crucial if you want to know the performance of your marketing initiatives. Analytics reveal insights about the campaign’s success/failure and can be used to improve future efforts.

Final thoughts

A career in digital marketing offers a handsome salary package and opens many doors for career growth. First, however, you must stay current with trends and gain relevant industry knowledge to break into the industry. After all, your commercial marketing efforts will be in vain if you don’t keep up with the latest marketing trends and developments. So follow the tips discussed above to kickstart a successful career in marketing. 

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