Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular and used social media in the world. Founded in 2010, the app allows users to share photos and videos and has provided companies with a chance to effortlessly market their products and services to the world.

Every year, Instagram makes marketing easier through a comprehensive list of features and tools that help entrepreneurs create profiles, attract followers, build engagement and develop their customer base. It has made it possible for many companies to sell their products and services quickly and efficiently.

Users are happy to follow their favorite brands on Instagram, in addition to which they discover new brands and buy products on the platform. The platform continues to expand, making it more valuable to consumers and eCommerce businesses, especially if they have visual products.

In this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best Instagram marketing tips for 2021.  

Planning and Staying Active

Creating interesting and informative content requires time and proper planning. Succeeding with your Instagram marketing usually doesn’t come in the form of luck without hard work, consistency, and patience.

Planning your content, as well as reviewing which items fit into your particular flow, and ensuring that you upload content at the right time, is perhaps the most important task. This will make you achieve better continuity in your presence and help you attract more Instagram followers and increase credibility in the long run.

The more you’re active and post new content on Instagram, the higher the chances of reaching more people. But, you should also figure out when your followers are most active. Post at different times throughout the day and use Instagram Insights to see when your followers are most engaged with your content.

Since Instagram is a social platform, it’s important to remember to be social and interact with your followers. Engaging with the target audience includes responding to comments and private messages. But you should also like and comment on your followers’ posts. Most likely, people will stay committed if your company is committed to them.

Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

Most people understand the basics of creating an online profile. You need to fill in your contact information, have a catchy description, and choose a profile image that is easy to identify. However, Instagram has presented several changes that affect corporate accounts. To make the most of your limited Instagram profile space, you should include the following:

  • Clickable hashtags. These can now be added to your profile description by simply entering the hashtag sign and then the preferred phrase, just as with your usual post. Creating your own hashtag has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for most companies.
  • Clickable profile links. If you are an IGTV creator, you can share a link to your video description. Then, you can repost your IGTV video as Instagram Story, so that the clickable profile link is displayed as a swipe-up link in your stories.
  • Story Highlights. This is a relatively new feature that allows you to save stories in various selected categories listed on your profile. This helps your profile look interesting, allows you to display important content, and improves your marketing efforts.

Creating a Monthly Editorial Calendar and Try Different Content

As we said, being consistent is the key to success on Instagram. Not just to satisfy your followers but to stay relevant in the Instagram algorithm. However, it’s almost impossible to be consistent if you don’t use an editorial calendar. With a good tool for social media management, you can visually plan your flow for optimal engagement.

Although Instagram started as a photo platform, it evolved to offer many forms of interactive content. From IGTV to Boomerang videos and Reels, a mix of different types of content will keep your feed interesting. In addition, you can use influencer marketing to reach new followers and potential clients.


There are many different parameters to analyze and use to conclude what your Instagram marketing strategy should look like. Choose a data analyst tool and start collecting your data.

To succeed with your marketing both now and in the future, it will be necessary to advertise on social channels. Regardless of budget, the message and content will continue to play a crucial role in successfully engaging and achieving your business goals on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

While there is a lot to learn about Instagram, you should remember that consistency, interaction and strategy are essential when wanting to reach optimal marketing. Publishing nice content creates an aesthetically pleasing flow but mixing it with exciting and different content will make your marketing more effective.

Once you develop a relationship with your followers, they’ll share more of your content, and discover the products and services you offer.

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