Google is the world leader in technology. Since its inception, Google has acquired more startups than any other technology giant. It is hard to imagine our lives today without a fast and efficient search engine. Phrases in our speech like “googling” or “ask Google” have already become understandable to every web user. The main task of the corporation is the constant development of ways to process information. 

Thanks to its innovative approach to web search and advertising, Google was included in the list of the most visited websites. Its brand has become one of the most recognizable in the world.

Some Google products are in the public eye (YouTube, Google Search, etc.); some are less known (Custom Search). Only a few people are fully aware of the extent to which Google’s empire has grown. Google continues to develop and expand by purchasing new startups. On average, Google acquires one company per week. Only at the beginning of last summer, they bought 190 startups. 

By the way, when hiring new employees, Google does not look at the graduation certificate. They don’t think grades and scores say anything. That is why the company employs quite a few self-taught specialists who have not graduated from college. Specialist of a writing service Essay Pro, Margaret Shell, confirms that the priority is full engagement, passion, and attention to detail. 

Top 5 startups bought by Google

1. Android

In August 2005, Google acquired Android software developer. In 2007, under the leadership of Google, the Open Handset Alliance was created. They brought together smartphone manufacturers and software developers. The Android open mobile platform was announced immediately after.

Google acquired startup Android

In September 2008, the first official version of this operating system was released. Since then, it has become the most widely used mobile OS in the world. According to the latest official data announced in September 2015, Google Android has 1.4 billion active users in the world. At the same time, the number of smartphones powered by Android is 2.5 times greater than its closest competitor – iOS.

2. YouTube

Google’s first significant deal was buying YouTube in October 2006. Video hosting YouTube appeared just over a year and a half before the sale. In a short period, it entered the top seven most popular sites in the world: its users viewed about 100 million videos a day. However, at the time of purchase, YouTube was experiencing difficulties with copyright.

Top 5 Startups Acquired By The Google Corporation

As stated in an official press release from Google, the platform was purchased to strengthen the company’s video services. Besides, Google began to place its advertising on YouTube.

3. Keyhole

Three of the four startups bought by Google in 2004 were related to maps: ZipDash, Where2, and Keyhole. The purchase of Keyhole company identified the main competitive advantages of Google Maps service. Accuracy and ability to examine specific areas in detail, up to the poles and parked cars, as well as the ability to scale the map, are essential for Google.

Keyhole was dealing with the sale of the application created on the basis of satellite images. The pictures were connected to get a large map and then cut into small areas. This approach allowed users to zoom in selected areas of the map.

4. AppJet

In December 2009, Google acquired AppJet, whose core value is the EtherPad editor. It allowed multiple people to work on projects simultaneously in real-time. 

One of the reasons for the purchase was the elimination of a competitor for Google Docs. Also, at the time, the company was working on a system of online collaboration and cooperative project management, Google Wave. Subsequently, this service was closed due to small distribution, but technologies of storage and multi-user access to documents are widely used in Google Docs.

5. Apigee

The Cloud Developer Apigee is Google’s latest acquisition in the battle for the Cloud Application and Storage market. It has also been the largest one since the purchase of Skybox Imaging.

Apigee is Google's latest acquisition

The deal was announced in September 2016, with an estimated value of $625 million. The purchase will help the company outpace Amazon and Microsoft, which are still leading in the cloud industry.


The history of Google clearly shows how a single realized idea and a broad view of life could grow an enormous information giant in the industry. The ability to think globally and, at the same time, absolutely unconventionally, as we can observe, is the basic concept of Google Inc. 

Top 5 Startups Acquired By The Google Corporation

Perhaps the only niche where Google fails is creating its messenger. But there is no doubt that the minds behind Google will keep on surprising us with their exciting and bright ideas, which may open up new prospects for all humanity. In the meantime, we have to wait and follow the development of the history of new technologies.

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