Do you have a Twitter account for your business or brand but don’t seem to be having much success? Have you ever wondered why your content isn’t getting as much engagement as you had hoped for, but have no idea how to change this or why this is happening?

Did you know that Twitter’s algorithm changes about every 3 months? Well, the truth is that this depends on how often you use the app. The more tweets you post and the more people who follow you, the higher the likelihood your tweets will be seen by other users. If you don’t have a lot of posts or followers, it may be a bit harder for your content to get noticed.

So, what does this mean for content creators? It means that if they want their tweets to be seen by others, they need to be creating quality content and interact with their audience through various different forms of engagement. A popular form of engagement would be to use a growth services that interacts for you, such as Twesocial, an Owlead alternative. One way to get more followers and likes is to understand how Twitter’s algorithm works, so if you aren’t sure yet, here is what you need to know:

The Timeline 

Twitter has a tricky timeline, especially if you aren’t so active on social media. The algorithm that Twitter makes use of can be quite finnicky and won’t show you all of the content in chronological order, but rather in the order of what is most popular, or what they think you would be more likely to engage with first. 

If you aren’t too active this means that it is most likely you will be seeing people’s content that you interact with or view more often. If you are a lot more active, then your timeline will be much more chronological and will show you the newer content that you haven’t yet seen, first. This sounds a little confusing, and for those who are trying to find success on Twitter, this algorithm doesn’t really work so well in their favour. However, once you gain a little bit of popularity, this is one of the best algorithms for you. 

How are posts ranked? 

As mentioned earlier, if you are not so active on social media, or on Twitter, then you will see the most popular posts before you see things in chronological order. Now, on the other side of the spectrum, as a content creator, there is a way that content is chosen to be pushed to the audience through the algorithm and this is based purely on the engagement you receive on your content. While, yes, your follower count does have a bit of influence on this, it’s not big enough to notice. 

If you want to get your posts ranked a little higher, you need to be finding ways in which you can get more people to engage with your content. Engagement can come in many forms, from likes to comments to shares of your tweets, as well as from the amount of retweets, or even the amount of times your account’s name is mentioned in other users’ posts as a tag.  

Be active  

One of the best ways to increase your engagement and improve your presence regarding the algorithm, is by being active and engaging yourself. When it comes to being active, it does not only mean you should be posting as often as possible. While this is a good thing and you should be posting consistently throughout the day, you also need to be active in engaging with your audience.

Engagement is one of the best ways to encourage more people to interact with you and get the process moving along. If you are looking for ways to increase your engagement with others, you could think about responding to your direct messages, replying to comments on your content, liking and sharing other users’ content, and even following other users that you would like to follow you. 

Tweet at the best times  

Last but not least, you have tweeting at the best time. Twitter is an incredibly popular platform which people make use of globally. It is important to remember that not everyone sits on social media 24/7 and there are times when they are more active than others like in the morning before school or work, and in the evening before bed

If you want to improve your engagement so that the algorithm will notice you, you should be posting at the best time in order to reach your target audience when they are the most active. 

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