Thanks to technology and the Internet, you can run your own business without even having sufficient knowledge. Despite this, it is very important to know what tools you need to be successful in what you do online trading.  And that’s why you will learn about the Oberlo platform, which acts as a bridge between Shopify and AliExpress.

With this app it is possible that you can save on storage space, lower costs, visit your store from anywhere in the world because you don’t have to stay at the same address, and much more by using dropshipping.

Oberlo has a lot to do with Spotify, so if you are looking to develop your store you should turn to shopify development services to get the quality work done on time.

What is Oberlo?  Online Sales Platform

Before getting into the main topic, it should be admitted that this platform is distributed by Shopify, the online selling software that has helped many entrepreneurs around the world to build their stores for the web since 2006.

It should be noted that this trading platform is one of the most recommended in order to be able to start a business from scratch as you do not need so much programming knowledge to be able to use it.

Knowing it’s Shopify, Oberlo is a very effective tool for those who open their store and don’t have any products to offer or warehouses to store them in.

Oberlo allows you to conduct sales by acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the wholesaler, making it clear that only the latter should be the intermediary and solely concerned with sales and marketing.  This means that the online store will use the dropshipping technique.

Important features

You should take into account the description of this app, because knowing it you will enjoy all its benefits and make your store growth possible in the long term.

  • Its simple interface allows users to manage it easily.
  • Searching for items to sell in stores is now easier and faster thanks to filtering functions.
  • It is very easy to import a product into the catalog.
  • They have several very affordable packages that can be used according to your needs.
  • Helps to ensure long-term business growth.
  • Organization of shipment of products.
  • Avoid constantly reviewing your inventory online as it updates automatically.
  • Track sales even in real time if you expect delivery to customers.
  • You can improve product descriptions and even images.
  • Its use is solely for Shopify.

These features usually help you focus more on the marketing and SEO of your online store.

This platform works like a plugin that helps your Shopify store place orders and sales with Dropshipping, and offers a great solution for finding great products by filtering information in a variety of ways.

Among its search filters are: according to data, price list, list of products, maximum or minimum stock, order volume, and others.  It is also possible to contact any provider.  Also creating reports on: analysis and products.

Many things can be shortened with this plugin, including: storage space usage, time to add products, delivery or packaging tasks, among others;  because it allows you to be an intermediary between the supplier and the buyer, making a profit from this action.

Highlights of the Oberlo platform

On social media and online app stores, you can find valuable information about this app to help you get a more general or realistic idea of this way of selling products.

Tariffs in Oberlo

There are 3 very affordable tariff plans available to use this application, from which you can choose the most convenient one for your online store.

And if you still decide to move your store to Shopify, then specialists will help you with this and will migrate woocommerce to shopify.

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