The whole point of creating a website lies in increasing traffic and attracting your target audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what helps your website rank at the top of search engine pages to boost your traffic. One of the most important factors that affect your rank through SEO is picking the good domain name.

What Makes a Good Domain for SEO?

However, making the right decision when picking an SEO-friendly domain isn’t as easy as it sounds. Without taking recommended SEO practices into consideration, you will be more likely to pick the wrong domain. This will not only cost you search for traffic and revenue, but Google might deem your website spam. Other than reaching a better ranking and a higher rate of click-through, having an SEO-friendly domain will help you in making your website seem more established and trustworthy. 

Here are some of the factors that contribute to a good domain.  

Use Top-Level Domain Extension 

The domain name is just a part of your URL; other parts are prefix, subdomain name, and the top-level domain. Picking the right domain name starts with picking the right extension that suits your business. While there are around 1,000 extensions available in the system, only a few are popular. The most popularly used ones are “.com”, “.net”, and “.org”. If you are going for a business website, blog, or any type of a profitable website, then your best bet is “.com” which lies on top of the list with more than 49% websites. Other domains are used for networking, education-related websites, and organizations. 

Choose A Brandable Domain Name 

Ever wondered why all top-ranking websites always have short and easy-to-remember names? It is because they work. Websites like and went for the shortest names possible that are super easy to pronounce and thus, easier to remember. SEO experts at SirLinksalot recommend sticking to domain names that are unique to stand out from the competition.

Choose A Good Brandable Domain Name for Good SEO

There is a wrong misconception, especially between small brands, that domain names have to have a meaning or indicate the company line of business. Some even go for their company names. However, a good brandable domain is the opposite as it doesn’t have to mean something. Still, if your company name is unique, short, and easy to pronounce, then you should go for it. 

Avoid Repeated Letters 

Keeping the domain simple is essential. One of the most important factors of purchasing a good domain is avoiding the use of any repeated letters. This will make your website more memorable and easier to type. Choosing a domain name with repeated letters increases the chance of people mistyping your website and going to another site by mistake.

There are some factors to keep in mind while choosing the right domain for your business. Choosing an SEO-friendly domain name will increase your traffic, which by extension will increase your revenue and profits. What is important is to keep the name unique, simple, short, free from repeated letters, and most importantly catchy. Make sure that you pay attention to how your domain is written, how it sounds, and how relatable it is to people.

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