You may not realize it, but some types of applications can add value to your law firm and improve the quality of your legal services. Technology has taken over the legal industry as one of the biggest drivers in changing it. It has made many things much easier, like research, discovery, e-filing, and a streamlined attorney-client relationship. So let’s look at the applications that can improve your law firm.

Timekeeping and Billing

Practicing good billing habits at your law firm matters because it will help you easily track your clients. While some clients may not pay their invoices on time, you have other clients who refuse to pay the invoices at all. You can use the software to send reminders to keep clients on track and track your revenues at your law firm. 

You can use a managing law firm application to track your time on projects and organize them better. Possible software available includes:

  • TimeSolv
  • Bill4Time
  • Sage Timeslips
  • Time59
  • HTM

Online Payment Processing

Today’s world uses online payment processing for everything, including law firms. As a result, you will find it much easier to collect payments from the online platform. Doing so will give your clients more options like debit cards, credit cards, and eCheck. In addition, you can encrypt all sensitive information to transmit it to financial institutions. 

Online payment processing is also highly secure. Some of the payment platforms were designed specifically for law firms like LawPay. This design has advantages in preventing the co-mingling of earned and unearned funding. 

Document Management Systems

Document management systems will keep your files organized to pull them up quickly and effectively. You will also have better security because people can’t break into a filing cabinet that may not have the best locks. For example, let’s say that a fire strikes your law firm. Those that keep all their documents in filing cabinets will lose everything. 

Beware of storing sensitive computer files on your computer’s hard drive by itself for extended periods because this presents a security threat. Instead, you want to store them in a secured digital vault. You even have some free options with this, such as Google Drive. 

Some of the options made for the legal industry include Worldox and NetDocuments. Search for one that offers cloud-based storage because it will let you collaborate with others on legal projects. 

Password Management

Too many law firms take too few precautions when it comes to passwords. As a result, cybercrimes against law firms have escalated in the last couple of years. Data breaches plague law firms of every size, and even small law firms need to take precautions because of the information stored. 

Password management software stores all of your passwords into a secure application. This software makes it easier to recall your password as needed. In this way, you can create complex passwords that hackers will never slip past. 

Practice Management

Many law firms like to use software that includes a little of everything to eliminate the clutter on their laptop. They can put everything in one to simplify things, and they don’t need to navigate from one software to the next for simple things. 

Some of the features that you can get here include:

  • Timekeeping and billing 
  • Email organization
  • Calendaring 
  • Payment processing 


These are the types of applications that law firms use and need. You may look at the applications that will fit your practice the best. For example, if you keep a lot of sensitive data, you may want a document management system to store it. If you want a bit of everything, you may want to use project management software

Mobile applications have become a very useful marketing tool for law firms. They are highly interactive and provide relevant information to current and potential clients on a user-friendly platform. They also offer social features and allow clients to share information and content on the go. So take advantage of today’s technology to grow your business and build a successful law firm!

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