The year 2020 has sent almost all of us into the online world; may it be for our daily needs, our jobs, and even our entertainment. Having to spend our days away from the crowds had allowed us to explore a new and constantly developing avenue, the internet. A lot of tools that aid our needs have been developed and are provided by the internet, and this is made possible and convenient through the use of websites.

A variety of sites had long emerged to assist beginners in creating their websites. These sites are continuously upgrading their services to cover more of the requirements that the consumers have; making the experience less tedious, cost-effective, as well as user-friendly. In this article, we are going to discuss a popular website builder – WordPress.

A Tour Around The WordPress

WordPress is an Open Source project, allowing anyone on the internet to access, create, and share a project for any purpose. It is used by nearly a quarter of the web-users, making it one of the widest-used platforms for online publishing.  With, the company has been helping individuals in starting up blogs or creating and personalizing their website, from 2005 till the present.

WordPress is built with the idea of simplicity and flexibility and is now equipped with a user password that protects pages and other contents. Through continuous and adaptive improvements, it also features highly customizable sites and theme systems, easy installation and convenient upgrades, search engine optimization, spam protection, expert-provided tips, interactive customer service, and more.

What Are the Uses of WordPress?

WordPress continues to widen its scope on the web, and we will enumerate the uses it has provided and added so far to its interface.

  • Website building

Creating a website has become a requisite for turning into an online business owner as it allows you to compete in this age of technology. WordPress allows an easy website creation since it requires zero coding skills.

  • Web design

If you already have a website, you can opt to design it yourself using WordPress or you can hire a web designer. A web designer decides the overall look and atmosphere of a website as displayed on the internet. It mostly pertains to user-experience components made through the use of images, CCS, HTML, and JavaScript. WordPress has been tagged by multiple designers and sites on the web for such applications.

  • Content and blogging

Around 76 million of the blogs worldwide are on WordPress, and every second, 17 fresh posts are uploaded on the site. WordPress houses dozens of necessary tools to start and manage a self-hosted blog. Users may add unique features that are provided by using specific plugins. These are codes of small sizes that provide particular functions available for free in the directory of WordPress.

  • Digital marketing

WordPress is presently capable of becoming a virtual store and provides services and support to a variety of e-commerce needs. There are plugins directed to self-publishing sites, independent stores, and discounters that integrate with legal payment applications (like PayPal or Google Checkout) to assist sites with easy browsing and check-out.

  • Tutorials

Most of us now learn online through subscription to experts’ channels or via forums. Creating forums allows a discussion for catering to a large population.

WordPress has had plugins that provide users with customized and regulated discussions through forums. Since WordPress includes plug-ins from social media, it is also a virtual social hub. Feeds can be added in various sections of the pages and are capable of updating automatically whenever there are changes on the social profiles.

What Are the Benefits of Using WordPress?

While a lot of people will try to steer you into what they’re selling, it is our goal to lead you to the platform which is best suited to your abilities and needs. At this junction, we’ll enlist some of the benefits associated with using WordPress.

  1. WordPress allows experienced and knowledgeable consumers to work with a certain level of technical capability and familiarity with the programming language level, but it also has specific setups made for beginners to create a site immediately.
  2. WordPress can provide users with 100% ownership and control by offering multiple choices for them. You can choose how to fine-tune and adjust the functions and appearance of the created site, making WordPress highly suitable for long-term usage.
  3. WordPress powers a large range of sites encompassing a variety of purposes. It runs highly complex sites mostly used by multinational corporations, personal blogs, and small businesses. The base package of WordPress can be boosted with different premiums and basic plugins that give ways to adapt to a user’s specific needs.
  4. There are free, custom, and paid plugins in WordPress. In, you are provided with up to 3GB of free space after creating a website. Several web hosting packages with the lowest annual price have surfaced which caters specifically to WordPress.

    The prices posted on homepages of most hosting providers are often misleading. To assure that a proper comparison is made, one of the experts from listed the price comparison of hosting plans for WordPress. These host sites also help maintain your WordPress website, performing tasks such as updating plugins, themes, and caching.
  5. Searchability is the main key to getting high-ranked on Google and most search engines. WordPress sites have higher ranks since they have keywords that are updated constantly, and because WordPress requires regular maintenance for SEO (search engine optimization).

WordPress is a platform that is progressively growing in technical aspects and popularity. It helps not only starting owners, but has built a bond with large companies like Spotify, Sony, Time Inc., the New York Post, CNN, and NBC. This fact assures us when it comes to its reliability and efficiency. 

As a company that is home to a  community that inspires innovation, WordPress will be able to address more utilities for its users in the future. Note that learning the basics of using WordPress is not too difficult. There is an array of WordPress tutorials for beginners and for advanced users available on the company’s site, as well as on other user’s sites to assist every inquiry.

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