Customer Service is crucial for business. People remember their experiences, both good and bad when purchasing services or products. When growing a business, customer service can help encourage return customers, gain their devotion, and encourage them to spend more money.

Why Your Growing Business Needs Customer Service

Collecting personalized information on each contact for use within the company can provide a customized experience and assist in the focus of marketing strategies. Together with the added benefit of employee retention and engagement, businesses can see growth.

Increase Profits With Good Customer Service

To increase sales revenue and profits, treating customers well lends a hand. A recent article in Forbes magazine showed that customers are willing to return to a company that serves them well. In fact, it is 60 to 70 percent more likely that people will return after a positive experience. A follow-up email, phone call, or contact through social media can extend the positive impact.

When people come back to a business, they are willing to spend on average 17% more money because of excellent customer service. Millennials are a driving force in this trend because it is essential that they feel the business cares about them. The money spent on keeping customers is less up to five times less than finding new customers.

Efficient Time Management

Providing customer service was once a costly and time-consuming process that usually involved a Rolodex. Through efficient management of CRM data, this can completely change. Software is available to help manage this data in many formats and price ranges. There are several advantages to moving to a digital format. One is that the data can be made available to multiple members of the company.

Customer service helps Efficient Time Management

The employee who makes the first contact, up to the executive staff can access critical customer information. This includes customer preferences, past purchases, and contact history generated in simple, easy to access reports. The next time a customer makes contact, those with access to the data can easily access crucial information to provide the best customer service. Customers tend to feel valued, and they are likely to make additional purchases as a result.

Focus Marketing Strategies

Business marketing can also benefit from customer service. Using the data gathered during past contacts, such as real-time sales information, allows business managers to track how well marketing campaigns are performing. When strategies are underperforming, this data can help identify areas in need of adjustment. It may be apparent, for example, that customers spend more time reading emails on certain days of the week.

Managers may also notice that social media marketing generates more interest than emails. Marketing can adjust to sending emails on days they are most likely to result in engagement or focus on the desired contact type by using this information. Whatever the trend is, this data can help focus efforts and resources where they are most likely to generate sales.

Customer Service is Related With Employee Retention

The idea of customer service may not initially bring to mind the concept of employee retention, but the two are related. Employees tend to enjoy working for businesses that show appreciation for their contributions. Being encouraged to develop new ideas is also significant for employees and can help them be more engaged. It can feel good to work for a business that treats customers well. When times are tough, such as during economic downturns or through changes, these same employees are more likely to stay with the company rather than seeking out new employment. In the end, devoted employees can be advocates for the business and generate more sales.

When growing a business, there are significant benefits to treating customers well. When they feel valued and treated well, customers are more likely to return and be willing to spend more money. Collecting data and making it available within the company can help provide a personalized experience and direct marketing strategies. Customer service can positively impact the financial outlook for businesses and result in more growth.

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