7 days? Are you serious?

This is what clients usually ask us when we tell them that we will deliver them a in-depth analysis of their software ideas or projects in just 7 days.

And yes, we are serious!

Detailed Report in 7 Days

So… You need to take an action but you are not really sure what you should do first. Let us help you. We will analyze all the important aspects of your web application or an idea and propose a detailed solution in order to take your project to the next phase.

Business Assessment

We will start with the evaluation of the client’s online business model. Our business analysts will make sure the client’s idea or project has everything it needs in order to reach and acquire potential customers or users.

Content and Marketing

Next step is a content analysis. Quality content is the protagonist of every successful online marketing story. If the client already has a content, our marketing team will assess it and suggest what it can be done to improve it. If there is no content yet, we will suggest it. Furthermore, we will discuss the best options for the client’s content distribution.

Design and Visual Aspects

After that, we will go through the visual aspect and usability of the client’s project. Our experienced designers will propose the most suitable solution for every project.

Tech and Development

Finally, developers will assess the technical aspect of the project and propose solutions about what should be done, how it should be done and how long will take.

Why would you believe us?

We have delivered hundreds of different projects over the period of last 20 years. These are our latest.

How much do I need to pay for the Report?

Our rates start from €500 for simple websites, but you can check it by showing us your website and by leaving your email address. We’ll let you know in no time.

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