Did you know that over 64% of consumers purchase a product after seeing the brand video on Facebook?

So, how do you make your product videos stand out? Well, all you need is a computer and a screen recorder to create that viral product video.  

What is a Product Video?

A product video is a video presentation showing off the features of your product. Since it demonstrates its capabilities, it is focused on showing how the product works. Therefore, the product video must be eye-catching- a good product video will immediately make the viewers relate to the item being shown.

Engaging the Audience

Such a video must be engaging, but it must also be able to do so in a limited amount of time. A good presentation will resonate with the buyers and make a lasting impression. Make sure your product video has the most significant possible impact in the shortest amount of time. 

Importance of Product Video Maker App

The great thing about product videos is that they give you the freedom to experiment. Unlike branded videos, they focus more on the practical benefits of the product. 

This informal nature lets you be more creative, and having a reliable mac screen recorder can help bring this creativity to life. 

According to a Microsoft report, the average human attention span is just 8 seconds. Therefore it is crucial to make sure your product makes an impact during this time span. 

A lot can depend on your app, and a good product video maker app can mean the difference between a failed and a successful product video. 

How to Make a Product Video?

A product video is a great tactic to help market your product. If you have been on social media recently, chances are you have run into a number of these short clips. Since they are an effective marketing strategy, many of these sites are flooded with product videos. 

There are several ways to create your video, from longer videos explaining product features to short videos aimed at grabbing attention. You need to find a reliable product video maker app, and you’re good to go.

Choose a high-quality mac screen recorder app to get the best quality visual for your product video. These applications are a godsend because they have an easy user interface that lets you take advantage of the advanced audio-visual features.

Tips on How to Make a Product Video

There is a reason why some people earn thousands of dollars creating product videos on the internet. It is not just about simply editing video content. 

1. Personality Sells 

It is no secret that personality sells. Many influencers today get paid big bucks to create and market product videos precisely because of this. 

The brands are banking on their personality as much as the effectiveness of their product. And this trend of influencer-brand relationships is likely to grow in the coming years. 

These figures are models to follow because they are experts at incorporating personality into their product placements. According to experts, they know how to build trust with their audience, helping them move more products. 

Therefore when making a product video, make an effort to show a perspective unique to you. Be friendly and approachable, explaining the product as comprehensively as possible.

2. Be Creative

Creating an impactful product video requires a lot of skills and creativity. Unlike branded videos, it allows the creator to input a lot of their storytelling and perspective into the videos.

Make maximum use of your product video-making app by playing with filters, themes, and stickers. If it fits into your theme, try using audio that contributes to the quality of your video. A trendy beat or a catchy jingle are both excellent choices. You can do a voice-over on your video as well. Your goal for the video should be to make it as attractive as possible.

3. Use a Reliable Product Video Maker App

Video and audio quality are crucial components of a product video. Many products like clothing and appliances will require higher quality video to be examined closely. 

A reliable product video-making app will make all the difference in cases like these. It will help you put out higher-quality content.

Make sure that your mac screen recorder is multi-functional. Such versatility lets you experiment with voice-overs and camera angles while maintaining high-quality audio-visuals. 

4. Keep it Short

The attention span of the average human being is known to be shorter than that of a goldfish. Studies show that a shorter video is also likely to have more impact than longer ones. 

So, when making your product video try to condense the message to make it as effective as possible.

5. Make Use of Tools

There are always ways to make your video more enjoyable, whether by using a feature-rich product video-making app or different videography tools. 

The equipment you use does not have to be expensive. Be creative and incorporate tools, lighting, mirrors, or backdrops to make your clip more enticing. You don’t need to be on your toes all the time. You just need access to the right tools.

How to Choose the Best Product Video Maker App

A high-quality product video-making app is critical when creating a video to market a product. These applications let you do the marketing for your product yourself without professional help.

From in-video text to e supporting higher definition video, your product video-making app should have some basic features.

1. Video-Quality

Your app should support a minimum 480p quality video export. Higher definition exports around the 4k mark are also a feature that it must have.

Your product video has clear visuals since advertised products are usually tangible.

If you are an iOS user, choosing a high-grade mac screen recorder will be an enormous help.

2. Audio Access

The app of your choice must let you add music from your library. You can always add spice to your clip by using music or a voice clip from your playlists, and the application should let you do this.

A product video making app with a library of built-in stock music is also a considerable advantage. 

3. In-Video Content

Texts, stickers, and other content on your video help make it more eye-catching and impactful. So, your app should have features that let you add shapes and texts to the clip. Alongside this, the aspect ratio of the application must suit your final platform.

The boom of product placements on social media platforms highlights the popularity and success of product videos. It may look intimidating and daunting, but a reliable app can help make product video making considerably easier.  

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