If you are experiencing high bounce rate, this article is for you. It has put together 7 common reasons for a high bounce rate and how you can deal with it and increase sales. Have you ever landed on a website and then decided to leave without browsing any further? Well, you bounced. There is

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Marketing is using artificial intelligence (AI) for some time now. In this blog post, we will examine some of the use cases of AI making marketing more efficient and solving some of the oldest marketing challenges. The future is here, and it’s very smart and chatty. For the longest time, people have assumed that artificial

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What is a CMS website? It is a software that assists in the organization and presentation of content on a website. The main purpose of the CMS or “Content Management System” is to enable users to create and edit a site. The tool makes it possible for you to manage how content such as text

Blockchain in Marketing

Blockchain has moved beyond the financial sector. Today, businesses of all types are using this technology in a variety of applications. That includes using blockchain in marketing. As it turns out, doing so can be quite beneficial. It should really come as no surprise that the marketing industry is embracing blockchain technology. For one thing,

From learning the latest marketing strategies, it may seem like the high budgets that are needed to get exposure of your small business are beyond your capabilities. It couldn’t be further from the truth. You can promote your small business for little to no money. 1. SEO With Long Tail Keywords First of small business


When evaluating e-commerce, it’s always important to note that there are some pitfalls and disadvantages to it. In that spirit, let’s review what are some of the common disadvantages of e-commerce, who it affects the most and what should they do better: E-commerce lacks personalization  Of course, not all retailers in real life have that

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If there’s a topic which has been targeted to the extreme by technological development teams worldwide, that would definitely be Artificial intelligence. Now, let’s examine artificial intelligence’s net worth. AI, machine learning, deep learning and autonomous learning are all part of the now so-called “race to automation”, which is leading more and more businesses to

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Email marketing is a vital tool for most businesses and one which many of them don’t even really realize the value of. It’s a direct, 24-hour line into the personal inbox of people who have expressed real interest in the products or services that you provide. The importance of it can’t be overstated, and the

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Could AI become part of e-commerce? IT ALREADY IS! Some people are afraid of AI taking their jobs. However, it seems like the machines won’t be able to take over the world in the nearest future but are nevertheless useful for businesses of any kind. Artificial intelligence simplifies many cumbersome and time-consuming processes, improving the

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Despite all benefits, Blockchain has its risks and you need to develop a detailed implementation strategy in advance if you want to leverage it. Start-up owners have an inborn desire to stay ahead of the game, to adopt the best and latest technologies, but using Blockchain without considering the risks can hurt your business. Blockchain