When an application needs to deal with some long running tasks, we probably should move those tasks to run asynchronously as background jobs, more precisely to use Rails Delayed Job. Let’s examine what we need to do in order to enqueue and execute some tasks in the background. Set up Delayed Job With Rails Active


Ruby on Rails gives us, out of the box, a few very useful query methods that can reduce number of database queries. In most cases that will significantly improve application performance. This post will try to explain and compare some of the most commonly used methods like joins and includes, and to explain few different

10 Really Strong Reasons to Outsource Your IT to Serbia

If you mention outsourcing to an American or a UK company owner, they would immediately think of some distant Asian country. In reality, there is a region much closer to home, teeming with tech-savvy individuals where they can outsource their IT departments. Like all the post-socialist countries, Serbia is presently experiencing its very own IT renaissance.

How to Approach a Web Development Company if Your Startup Lacks Funding

Is your startup lacking funds to finish a project? Many startups were facing the same problem and some of them came up with an easy enough solution: giving equity away to a web development company to finish the project. Such a move is not solely related to financing issues, some startups decide to bring these

Watch Out for These Serbian Startup Companies in 2018

It has been an exciting year for Serbian startup companies. Many old ones have proven worthy and numerous others have sky-rocketed to startup stardom. As previous year, it is noticeable that nearly all of them are designed for a regional and global market, using Belgrade, Novi Sad and other Serbian cities as human resource hubs.