How to Approach a Web Development Company if Your Startup Lacks Funding

Is your startup lacking funds to finish a project? Many startups were facing the same problem and some of them came up with an easy enough solution: giving equity away to a web development company to finish the project. Such a move is not solely related to financing issues, some startups decide to bring these

Watch Out for These Serbian Startup Companies in 2018

It has been an exciting year for Serbian startup companies. Many old ones have proven worthy and numerous others have sky-rocketed to startup stardom. As previous year, it is noticeable that nearly all of them are designed for a regional and global market, using Belgrade, Novi Sad and other Serbian cities as human resource hubs.


At the beginning of their career many new Rails developers put complex presentation logic directly into the templates, that looks something like this: At that point, that kind of solution seems reasonable, but after awhile they all ask the same question: Is this the right place for such a code? Of course, the answer is

Important Things You Need To Improve About Your Web Business

Regardless whether your business is a thriving IT startup or you just run a small local business, you feel the need to make your presence felt online. Having a website or even trading online is a must today. However, merely having a web business is far from enough: you must improve it constantly, and here

Desktop computers

So… You have just founded your own firm, defined the product or the service you are selling, and even did some market research to see who your potential buyers are. The only thing needed before the money starts pouring in is the trivial issue of web development. Well, things might just not be as simple


We created AxiomQ by merging two companies. Both of them had their own sites. To keep search engines happy we need to setup 301 redirects. Unfortunately, one site was running on Github Pages which doesn’t support 301 redirects. The solution was to create a simple Rack app, use rack-rewrite gem to redirect traffic, and deploy