No smart person in the world will miss a chance to invest in cryptocurrency and enjoy juicy crypto gains.

Bitcoin has captured the attention of regular people and large institutions such as J.P Morgan and Grayscale alike.

And this is just the start!

With cryptocurrency heading towards mass adoption, crypto applications should include innovative yet straightforward features to help their users.

This article will highlight 6 features a crypto application should have to attract a large user base.

So let’s get started.

1. Easy and detailed tutorials

Crypto applications can be extremely hard for beginners trying to get started. The complicated user interface of certain apps and complex crypto charts can easily demotivate new people.

If you are in the process of developing a new crypto app, you need to make sure your application is suited for experienced traders as well as beginners looking to trade bitcoin

Features like tutorials on buying and selling cryptocurrency, guides on candlestick charts, and a whole section of articles for beginners can facilitate their crypto journey.

There are hundreds of crypto exchanges out there. But the best ones are super-easy for beginners, which is something you should keep in mind. 

2. Push notifications

It is no surprise that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. You can see exponential gains in your investment or face considerable losses in a matter of minutes.

If you aren’t a full-time trader, keeping track of your coins can be troublesome and tiring. And this is why getting a notification when a currency reaches a specific price target is one of the most important features you should include in your application.

This allows traders to be updated with price actions immediately when the market changes direction and is super-beneficial for regular people who aren’t on screen 24/7.

3. Smart QR scanner

You need to understand that you are creating an application for people to make their lives easy. And including a smart QR scanner that can distinguish between different QR codes in your app is one of the best ways to achieve that. 

QR code scanner can be used to connect the exchange to crypto wallets, send funds to your crypto wallet, or withdraw funds to the application. Moreover, scanning codes to get information about specific transactions conducted in the past from other wallets can make the whole check and balance process much easier. 

4. Two Factor authentication

If you are a developer, it is your utmost responsibility to protect the investment of your users. 

Security takes precedence over any other feature. A crypto application with a two-factor authentication login can protect against possible hacks and help your users rest at ease. A code should be sent on text message, email, or any other social app to grant access to the user’s wallet.

Two-factor authentication can also protect users against situations where they might have disclosed their password to someone.

You should also implement an email system to notify users about login information if their crypto wallet is accessed from an unknown IP address. This can protect your users against people trying to gain unauthorized access to their wallets (and thus significant losses).

Here is some more information on what two-factor authentication is and why it’s important.

5. Other security features

Remember, making the user’s finance secure is your top priority. And so features like timed-logout are crucial. 

You must have experienced timed-logouts when using online banking applications. As soon as the users have performed their transactions or locked their phones, the application should be logged out. Your crypto application should notice even short periods of inactivity and log out automatically.

Denying repeated transactions of the same sort is another feature you should definitely add to your crypto application. 

Hackers often use bots that can send multiple transactions at the same time, draining your wallet. Blocking multiple transactions and asking for verification to perform them is a straightforward (but important) way to thwart bot attacks. 

6. News updates of the crypto market

Information about what is going on in the market is essential to consider if you are invested in crypto. Negative news like crypto being banned in China, US taxation on crypto, or flooding near major mining areas can completely change the market conditions.

You need to ensure that your users get this time-sensitive information as soon as possible so that they can make their trades at the right time. A special section for crypto-related news should be made in your application, and an email system should be developed so that users can sign up for this news.

Choose Your Features Wisely

There are literally hundreds of crypto applications out there but only a few have made their name in the market. These applications have only one goal in mind — to make the user’s life easy and the trading process smooth and secure. 

Any feature that can simplify the trading process, enhance security, protect user interests, and give valuable crypto-related information at the right is a must-have. A great team of professional developers knows how focusing on user experience can give them an edge over other applications in the market! 

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