Whether you leave your home for a few hours every day to go to work or leave for a few months every year for vacation, you will often find yourself thinking about your home’s security. Even when you are home, it is hard not to think about your safety and that of your family. A home security system gives you peace of mind in knowing you are all protected. If you already have an older security system or are thinking of getting one installed, you may wonder what the benefits of choosing a smart security solution are. Keep reading to understand the benefits of doing so. 

Control Them from Anywhere

With a traditional home security solution, you have to be in the house to arm and disarm it. It can be quite stressful to remember that you did not arm your home security system when you are tens of miles away from the home. Smart security systems can be controlled from anywhere using a single, easy-to-use app. You get access to everything including your cameras, alarms, lighting controls, detectors, and other security devices. The app used to control the Simple & Smart Home Security Systems from US Protective Services puts you in total control so you know your home is protected no matter where you are.

Peace of Mind

Everyone has had that sinking feeling when they are unsure whether they locked a door or window. With a single app, you can check all your doors and windows, arm and disarm them and get alerts should any of them remain unlocked while you are away. You can also monitor, arm, and disarm other systems such as your motion control. This convenience provides you with a lot of peace of mind, and you never have to wonder again about locked or unlocked doors or windows. 

Preferential Home Access

There are instances where you are not home but still need to give someone access to the home. For example, you might want someone to come to check on your pet and walk them from time to time or to clean the home while you are away. You can give these people access for some time and still see everything they do through a mobile app. 

This capability means you still have total control over your home. You will know who comes and can still give preferential access to only the people you want to. Additionally, many of these systems have two-way talk functionality so you can conveniently talk to whoever is in your home.

Constantly Alert

You do not have to remember to arm your smart home security system because all the different systems in the hub are always monitoring the home. This means any one of these systems can provide an alert in case of an intrusion, even when other systems are not armed. 

Smart alerts and active monitoring give you enough time to respond to anything happening when you are home or away, thereby ensuring you can set up the system and not have to monitor it all the time.

They Eliminate the Annoyance of False Alarms

False alarms are very unnerving in those first few seconds when you wonder if there is an unauthorized person in your home. Smart home systems eliminate most of these false alarms as they can assess threats and decide if you should get an alert or whether the alarms should go off. 

You can also do a quick check around the house to see if there is anything to be alarmed about. If there is nothing amiss, you can turn off the alarm in a few seconds. If there is an intruder, you can get in touch with the police immediately.

Diverse Functionality

Your smart home security system’s primary function is to alert you if there is unauthorized entry into your home. What you might not know is that some systems are capable of much more than that. For example, some systems can tell you when your children come home from school when someone is visiting, and even when you receive a package from a courier. Some even tell you if your toddler is in a dangerous situation or if your pet has been fed. The system’s ability to notify you of suspicious people who visit your driveway multiple times a day or in a given period can also be a crucial part of proactive security.


Older security systems have a lot of vulnerabilities. For example, cutting your broadband or telephone wires can render the system useless. Smart security systems, on the other hand, do not have these vulnerabilities. These systems are often engineered with backup solutions in mind; they work when the power is out an external panel is broken and even when the internet is down. This way, you always have a recording of your home backed up even if you cannot access it on your phone. Many of these systems can also utilize dedicated broadband and cellular connections to broadcast alerts if or when the system is tampered with.


Most burglars look for easy targets because they want to be in and out and then get away quickly without being noticed. They do not want to be caught on camera as this is evidence of their crimes. If you have notices around your home about monitoring, most burglars and vandals will think twice about breaking in. One important thing to remember is to have a few cameras that are out of sight. Some burglars are smart enough to map out where your security’s blind spots are using visible cameras. Having a few hidden cameras will help in case they want to take advantage of perceived blind spots of the cameras they can see.

They Increase Your Home’s Value

Security is a serious concern for many people, and this is why over 80% of homebuyers in the United States say a smart security system is a key consideration when buying a home. If you are thinking of selling, adding a smart home security system will benefit you a lot.

Everyone should take home security seriously for the safety of their family as well as the protection of their valuables. Smart home security systems offer incredible benefits that help keep your home safe without the vulnerabilities inherent in older security systems.

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