Suppose you want to monitor a cell phone and need to see what is being done or said on a person’s social media. We have the best apps right here. All of these provide a safe way to monitor social media accounts. Each app will run in the background and cannot be detected by the phone user. Check out these top apps and see why they are a leading choice for thousands who need access to a social media account. 

Reasons to Use Phone Tracker Apps

Social media tracking has become a focal point for many. Parents can use social media tracking apps to monitor their kid’s activities on social media. These apps can also be used for monitoring employees. Since 40% of employees use social media at work, this is a good way for employers to monitor use and address issues.

Apps that track social media usage can provide you with detailed information on who is being contacted and how long a person has been using social media and allow you to read messages. These phone monitoring apps can be a useful tool for parents or those concerned about a spouse having an affair. 10% of affairs start online, so the ability to track social media can be quite helpful.

How Do Apps That Track Social Media Work?

When a social media tracker is installed on a target device, it starts to collect all data and stores it on a separate server. As a paid subscriber to the app, you can access all stored information using a remote dashboard. These apps provide real-time updates and offer a simple way to monitor any social media account on any platform. All phone data, including texts, messages, calls, internet browsing, and photos, will be stored and presented on the dashboard for viewing.

Best Social Media Tracking Apps

Ready to track a phone and social media platforms? Learn more about the top-rated apps that can be used. Most have a free trial, so you can test the features before paying for a subscription! These apps are being used by thousands worldwide and provide a great way to monitor the activity on any cell phone. 


uMobix is one of the leading phone monitoring apps that can track social media messages and activity. With the app, you can access Facebook, WhatsApp, and even see someone’s Instagram activity. With uMobix, users can track social media on an Android or iOS device without anyone knowing. The social media tracker runs in the background and delivers you updated information regarding posts, messages, and any photos that have been sent or received. Whether you need to track kids on social media or are trying to catch a cheating spouse, uMobix is a simple app that can be used.


One of the top social media trackers is XNSPY. With a subscription, you can gain full access to social media accounts and monitor all activity. Once the app has been installed on the target device, it will collect data on a server. You can access this information on the Control Panel. From here, you can also toggle between different social media platforms. If your kids use different platforms, this is a great option so parents can track their kids’ social media no matter what they are using. XNSPY operates in stealth mode and will not be detected.


SpyBubble is a great app that can be used as a social media tracker. Once installed on a target device, the app will allow you to determine what phone users can do when using a social media app. For example, it can track the exact time a user opened the Facebook app and provide detailed information on when the app was closed. This information will allow parents to know how much time is being spent on social media platforms. 

As one of the best social media tracking apps, SpyBubble allows you to track an app without any root access. With this app, you can track activity on platforms like Zoom, WeChat, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 


Hoverwatch is one of the leading cell phone tracker apps available. With this, you can monitor all messages sent through the Facebook platform. The app will also save any video or audio files sent through messages when using Facebook. Many people also use Snapchat to communicate with others, and with Hoverwatch, this platform can also be monitored. Whether you are a parent watching your child or a concerned partner or spouse, Hoverwatch will capture all Snapchat communications and display them on a dashboard.


Need to monitor phone use and benefit from a phone tracker app without permission? mSpy is a top option that provides features that can be used to monitor any social media activity as well as all phone activity. The app is easy to install, runs in the background, and does not require one to be friends with another on Facebook to monitor interactions. You can see all content on any social media platform, including videos, texts, photos, and links. 


With many apps that can be used for tracking social media use, there are safe and simple ways to keep track of your children, employees, or spouse. Simply select one of the trusted apps, install it to the target device, select a subscription, and begin monitoring that phone right away!


Are there apps that track social media use?

Yes. There are many apps to track social media usage. These apps can be installed on Android and iOS devices and allow for real-time updates of messages and social media activity. With social media tracking, users can monitor usage on various social media platforms.

What apps can I use to track my kids on social media?

All of the apps listed can be used to track social media activity. With free social media tracking apps, you can easily monitor what your child is doing and who they are communicating with on the internet. 

What is a great app to use to track my girlfriend’s social media apps?

If you need to monitor your girlfriend’s social media accounts or want the best social media tracking apps for your cheating wife, Hoverwatch is one to consider. This app is easy to use and provides access to all messages sent and received on popular platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Can tracking apps read social media messages?

Yes. Any of the apps we recommend can be used as social media trackers and to read messages. Apps for tracking social media and texts on cell phones can be used to recover messages sent or received.

What are the best social media tracking apps for children?

One of the best social media and hookup apps used to track children is SpyBubble. This app allows parents full access to all social media accounts, and they can monitor them, see messages, and control access remotely.

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