Many smart business owners still don’t understand what a unified e-commerce experience looks like. They don’t understand that people want convenience and reliability, unified. But what does a unified e-commerce experience that’s omni-channel in approach look like?

Let’s face it: As much as the internet has really revolutionized our world, there are a lot of people, and a lot of businesses, that are still doing things the same as usual. They’re not only behind the game, they’re not even playing the game.

From a business perspective, an owner or a sales person or a marketing department may not understand how fully the internet and integrating e-commerce into the daily way of doing things is something not only that some consumers have begun to expect, but also something that most people will come to demand in the coming years.

This graphic helps explain it and helps you as a business more fully embrace e-commerce and its potential.

The Importance of Ecommerce Integration and Unified Commerce

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