As the digital marketing industry continues to grow and competition gets stiffer, marketers are striving hard to find ways to increase their efficiency and stand out from the crowds. One of the strategies that’s getting more popular by the day is learning how to code with the python programming language.

The premise behind this new trend is that the technological world is shifting to more data-centered systems such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytic programs.

For digital marketers, Python programming skills can help to facilitate data automation and analysis, boost SEO and enhance information security. And the best part? The language is easy to learn even for complete beginners.

In this post, we discuss nine reasons why digital marketers need to learn python in 2021 and beyond.

Efficient data automation and analysis

Python is one of the most powerful programming languages for analyzing and automating data. Having the coding skills will prove valuable when you want to monitor the progress and ROI of various digital marketing channels.

Compared to statistical programs such as Excel, python does a better and more accurate job of analyzing vast amounts of data. This is not to mention that it can automatically generate and input the data on the ledgers.

Furthermore, Python simplifies data mining processes by providing a wide range of data libraries for your analysis. You can search for specific data sets in these libraries in seconds through special programs.

With this language, you can automate data collection, speed up repetitive data formatting, customize error checking, mine and process data faster and streamline file organization.

Numerous and powerful libraries

Python comes with a stack of libraries from which professional digital marketers carry out large-scale data analysis, mining, processing, converting, cleaning, visualizing, summarizing, and reporting.

A few examples of key libraries in Python are SciPy, Pandas, NumPy, and StatsModel. Some of them are designed to create custom codes that you can use to track parameters such as ad clicks, conversion rates and checkouts activities.

Other libraries can help to correct errors and provide suggestions for content improvement by monitoring YouTube, Facebook, Google, and many more using their APIs.

Vast references and enthusiastic community

Python offers access to a diverse range of resources for all categories of learners. This means you won’t have any problems finding solutions for any programming issue. Whether you want to learn about python split or concatenation basics, there’s something available to learn on YouTube, a free course online or by consulting other users on social media communities.

Even better, Python comes with clear instructions of use that when followed religiously, can be all the training you need. Besides, the language needs no compilation as it is an interpreted and object-oriented language.

Finally, a knowledgeable and enthusiastic community shares their skills on Python’s social media sites such as GitHub and Reddit. These communities offer a wealth of knowledge and support for anyone interested to learn and become a professional programmer.

Administrative and managerial purposes

If you are selling your products online, it makes sense sometimes to want to do things by yourself instead of outsourcing crucial tasks such as coding to people who might not truly understand your strategy or product. This is where having python skills come in handy; you can design everything you need and run a business you can be proud of.

Additionally, Python enables you to create an employee interface. This means that your employees can only see what you want them to have on their screens, with essential files only accessible with your permission. This protects you from being spied upon by competitors.

Information security

When running a high-level business, it’s important to restrict some critical company information from the public. Luckily for you, python can help you with data encryption and storage. But even then, you can only achieve maximum discretion if you can program without the help of third-party developers.

An efficient tool for solving problems

You can make concise and efficient codes that boosts the organic performance of your online business and helps to fix bugs using basic python programming skills.

Additionally, you can easily resolve most website problems using the language and without consulting developers. Remember, the more advanced your Python coding skills are, the more effective your marketing programs and solutions will be.

Improved search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) determines where your online business ranks and the number of people who find it on the web.

Is your business ranking on page one of search engine results? If not, Python SEO techniques can take you there!

For example, you can use this programming language to scrape the web to track your link building strategies your competitors are using to rank better than you on Google. Python also comes armed with capabilities that can detect website errors that impact SEO. This includes the ability to identify instances of content duplication, missing or inappropriate meta tags and descriptions, 404 errors and defective sitemaps.

Bulky data processing

With the continued technological advancement and business digitization, there is a need to find effective ways to deal with the huge volumes of data being produced every day. Python program can skim through the data and codes, combine them, analyze, process and visualize them into meaningful information that benefits digital marketers. As stated earlier, this programming language offers a lot more power and has added advantage over the traditional data management methods like Excel.

Compatibility with many web servers

Python works well with various web servers such as Raspberry Pi and is also compatible with all major operating systems including macOS, Linux and Windows. This is probably the top reason it has grown so rapidly in the past decade or so.

Are you ready to learn python?

The python programming language could soon be the thin line that separates successful digital marketers from the rest. The good news is that it’s easy to learn and requires absolutely no prior coding experience to get started. What’s more, it is free while there are plenty of resources on the web if you ever get stuck anywhere.

Sure we don’t promise that it will be easy to get to the top. As with anything new, learning a coding language can be complex, time-consuming and mentally draining. Still, with the magnitude of tasks a digital marketer can achieve using Python, learning it is surely worth the effort!

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