Affiliate Network Program

Dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial relationship between AxiomQ and its associates worldwide

Program objectives and roles

To grow business through sales and marketing activities

To focus on customer and understand their needs

To be knowledgeable and constantly evolve with the market

To attend events and build connection network

A partnership may exist for only a few months to take advantage of an opportunity, or it might last for years. Whatever the length of the relationship, a sound partnership requires clear, regular and honest communication. As a partner, we are committed to scrupulous honesty in all of our dealings.


Person/Company that is not necessarily connected with the IT industry nor is obligated to work with us more than he wants to. That means that everybody can become Finder just by linking AxiomQ to our future client.


Person/company that works in close cooperation with AxiomQ, specializing in market development, account management and various client support services.


Person/company that is capable of finding and recommending new employees for AxiomQ.

Contact information

AxiomQ Ventures doo

Bul. patrijarha Pavla 1A

21000 Novi Sad, Serbia


AxiomQ LLC

2023 N. 2nd Street

Harrisburg, PA 17102

+1 (717) 701 9138

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