In a technology-driven world, everything is online. Shopping has never been easier! When it comes to buying and selling things through the internet, the name E-Commerce pops up in your mind. With the help of e-commerce platforms, it has become easier for everyone to sit in their homes and get everything that they want! However, the first thing that catches your eye when you use an e-commerce platform to shop is e-commerce packaging. E-commerce packaging refers to everything starting from designing, evaluating, and producing a container for your products. Some companies use fancy shipping boxes in order to increase customer engagement. 

Why is E-Commerce Packaging Important: 

Have you ever had a gift so beautifully wrapped you didn’t want to open it? That is the kind of beautiful packaging every online retailer aspires to bring to their customers. The importance of packages is just as much as the product itself. If you want someone to buy something, make sure it looks presentable. For instance, if we talk about Apple, it’s not only known for its top-notch products but is also famous for its extravagant packaging and Shipping boxes. Though not everyone has the budget as Apple, there are ways to make cheaper yet presentable packages. You can search for “Unboxing” on google and you’ll find many unique and innovative ideas. 

If you’re still wondering why is packaging so important, below mentioned are 5 things that highlight the importance of e-commerce packaging:

1. Brand Impression:

The term “First impression is the last impression” suits perfectly when it comes to packaging. It has been proven that consumers judge a brand within 7 seconds of its receiving. In those 7 seconds, the only thing the customer is seeing is the packaging of the product. Beautiful packages capture the attention of the customer and can increase their interest in opening the package. 

2. Customers Attention:

When you look at a package, it can either make you excited about what’s inside or create a bad impression of the brand overall. 30% of the customers are attracted to a particular product because of its packaging. If your eye catches something pretty while shopping, your attention is automatically diverted towards it. So make sure your product is wrapped in an attention-seeking way. 

3. Slow Shipping: 

Everyone hates slow deliveries. If your company promises to deliver something in 3 days, make sure it’s delivered on time. Packaging also plays a vital role here. If your packaging is slower then your shipping time would increase. Make sure your packaging is good but not time-consuming

4. Merge Costs: 

Customers tend to buy things with discounts on them. If you’re selling something for $100 and you’re giving away something free with it, customers are more likely to buy that as compared to something that is being sold for $50 with no discount. If you merge your packaging and shipping costs, you are more likely to attract more customers. According to the analytics, the rate of average order is increased by 30% if they are not charged separately for the shipping. 

5. Customer Loyalty: 

Customer loyalty is very important for any brand. Having 2-3 loyal customers is better than having 10 random customers buy from you. This loyalty is determined by the number of customers that come back because they are satisfied. In customer satisfaction, packaging plays a vital role. In the analytics of a customer survey for online shoppers, it was shown that 52% of the customers are more likely to return to the same company for orders if they like the packaging. 

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