5 Digital Hacks for Business Leaders

February 7, 2020 Business

In the modern business world, competition is very high. All the business leaders are engaged continuously in formulating strategies that will help their business to remain relevant and competitive. The policies are mostly geared towards increasing profit and lowering the levels of risk that companies experience. There are some digital hacks that company CEOs should use so that they can enhance the levels at which their business competes with other organizations in the same sector. Some of these digital life hacks have been discussed in this article. 

1. Document Management System 

A document management system is an advanced digital system that allows organizations to identify and track documents through an online platform. Identifying a document through the online platform, through a mobile application, saves time as you don’t have to text or call other workers so that they can help you to locate the document. The other benefit is that document management system allows individuals to share the document with ease rather than producing multiple copies which is expensive and time-consuming. 

2. Security 

For a long time, business leaders did not know how security in their organizations was operating. However, the roles have significantly changed to the point that CEOs have to be aware of the threats facing the company. This will enable them to formulate and implement the necessary security strategies that will help the company to secure its data and other sensitive information. 

One of the most critical aspects that leaders should understand is network security. All the systems and computers in the company are connected using the local network. If a cyber-criminal manages to get into the network, he or she could cause havoc to the company. Leaders should ensure that their network has enough security to prevent incidences of cyber-attacks and other infiltration. 

3. Market Automation 

The success of any chief executive officer mostly depends on how he will be able to formulate the necessary marketing strategies and how to implement those strategies. One of the most critical marketing decisions is automation. One of the most important aspects of marketing automation is creating attention in the market. There is no way a business will create awareness and get eyeballs without creating attention. 

After creating attention, marketing automation will help in converting the interested parties into reliable customers that will buy the products that are sold by the company. The more the number of sales the better. Currently, a company needs to record large transactions so that it can be able to meet the high costs of operations while at the same time remaining competitive in the industry. 

4. Support Mobility

Another important digital hack that CEOs should know is that today’s workforce should be mobile. Multiple policies have been formulated to restrict worker movement. However, the world is changing, and workers should be able to work at any time of the day and night without minding their location.

It is the responsibility of the business leader to make sure that workers have the necessary infrastructural support to work anywhere. Some of the support that needs to be provided to the workers include a mobile application, company mobile devices, and reliable systems that can be accessed by a worker in both online and offline. 

5. Anonymous Feedback Software 

Given that every aspect of the organization needs to work in tandem, CEOs should provide anonymous feedback software to the employees. The workers will use this platform to air their grievances and complaints to the management of the company about what they want to be improved. This will help the management team to understand its strength and also be aware of the areas that require improvement. 


Current chief executive officers have nowhere to hide and are considered as failures if their organizations fail to achieve the desired results. Any business leader who wants to remain relevant and be regarded as success should incorporate these digital hacks.