7 Best eCommerce Tools You Should Be Using Right Now

June 24, 2022 Business

7 Amazing Tools To Help Your eCommerce Business!

eCommerce is booming! Online retail sales are growing at a crazy rate and are expected to hit $6.17 trillion by 2023 and account for almost ¼ of retail sales. eCommerce provides a faster and more convenient way to shop. Many online stores can also offer lower prices and a greater range than their brick-and-mortar competitors. Based on these strong trends, there has never been a better time to start or level up your eCommerce business. In this article, we will show 7 incredible tools that can help with everything from marketing, user experience, sourcing, accounting, and more! With these tools by your side, you will have a very profitable year!

1. Shopify: Web Store Solution

Most people have heard of Shopify by now, but it still deserves the number one spot on our list. This incredible web store builder lets you set up a fully functioning eCommerce store in minutes, with no tech skills required. With Shopify, you can effortlessly build a website and shopping cart and integrate it with a payment gateway. 

Shopify comes loaded with features, including drop-shipping tools, social media sales, mobile optimization, analytics, abandoned cart reminders, and more! If you want to quickly set up an eCommerce store, and you are on a budget, we recommend Shopify.

Shopify is used by both big and small web stores and is incredibly affordable. You can grab a basic plan for just $29 per month. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, so you have nothing to lose! 

2. Canva: Design Solution

Graphics are key to grabbing a potential buyer’s attention and converting them into a customer. Unfortunately, for most small eCommerce stores, graphic designers are far too expensive, and trying to make graphics in Adobe is too difficult. This is where Canva can help!

Canva is a simplified design tool that instantly turns you into a pro graphic designer. More than 60 million are using Canva to create incredible infographics for their website, social media, and email marketing material. By creating your graphics, your engagement and conversion will skyrocket.

Canva comes equipped with easy-to-use templates, so within minutes you can start producing professional-level infographics and illustrations. Canva offers a free version with almost 10,000 templates, but if you need additional features, you can upgrade for just $30 per month!

3. Sourcify: Product Sourcing Tool

eCommerce stores live and die based on their products. It doesn’t matter if you offer the best customer service and have amazing deals if your product quality is not at its best. To ensure you can always offer your customers high-quality products, you need to find a reliable manufacturer. But how do you navigate the minefield of forming relationships with manufacturers, especially when many are based in China? Sourcify is here to help!  

Sourcify Is a platform that connects you with manufacturers and factories from around the globe who have been verified by Sourcify. These manufacturers have a strong reputation and can produce high-quality products and ship globally.

If you want to produce your very own products, this is an amazing tool. The Sourcify plan starts at $299 per month. Sourcify will take over the whole process, including communicating with factories and getting offers and samples.

4. QuickBooks: Accounting Tool

Does anybody enjoy accounting? Accounting can be an absolute nightmare for small eCommerce stores trying to juggle a million tasks at once. Keeping track of all of your accounts and recording expenses is incredibly important. Fortunately, with QuickBooks, you can simplify the process and turn yourself into a pro accountant! 

With QuickBooks, you can record and calculate your income and expenses, create invoices, pay your bills, track spending through nicely auto-generated reports, and of course, prepare those dreaded tax returns. This accounting software is a little complex so expect to spend a few weeks getting your head around it! 

QuickBooks offers a very generous 30-day free trial, and then you can upgrade to a paid plan for only $25 per month (the price may change due to discounts and special offers).

5. SignalHire: Sales & Hiring Tool

Are you looking to grow your business and hire some star performers? SignalHire can help! With SignalHire, you can pull the phone and email of any person from LinkedIn. All you need to do is open someone’s LinkedIn profile, tap your downloaded LinkedIn Google Chrome extension from SignalHire, and then this nifty tool will show you the contact’s phone number, email, and even social media profiles. SignalHire is awesome if you want to do your own recruiting, and you are looking for someone with specialized skills.

SignalHire is more than a recruiting tool; it can also help you land big clients! You can use their LinkedIn lead extractor to find a prospect’s contact details for cold emails and calls. SignalHire also has an incredible 500 million-strong database, which is perfect for finding emails and phone numbers of key decision-makers.

Sign up to SignalHire and get 5 free credits monthly. You then can upgrade to a paid membership for just $39 per month!

6. Moz Keyword Tool

Many eCommerce web stores rely on ranking on Google for certain keywords to get traffic to their site and make sales. But how do you know what keywords you should target, and how do you track all your keywords? Moz is the solution!

Moz is an analytics tool that tracks your and your competitors’ keywords and is a great way to find them. Moz will estimate the traffic for certain keywords and inform you how difficult it is to rank for them. By using Moz, you can take a more analytical and structured approach to win Google rankings. Armed with this powerful tool, you should be able to greatly increase your web traffic and your overall brand visibility by boosting your Google positions.

Moz offers a fantastic 30-day free trial, and a Pro subscription starts from $99 per month. Moz may not be a cheap tool, but it should quickly pay for itself when you start consistently ranking number 1 for high-value keywords!

7. Olark Live Chat Software

Do you want to instantly improve your customer support? Then you need a chatbot! With live chat software, you can instantly chat with your customers, answer their questions, receive valuable feedback, and make sales! Olark works with all major eCommerce platforms, including Shopify! 

If you have lots of traffic but your conversions are a little low, live chat software is a great way to make extra sales! Try Olark out now on a 2-week free trial and then upgrade to a paid plan for just $19 per month on a month-to-month plan or $15 per month on a yearly plan. Don’t keep your customers waiting, answer their queries right away with Olark!

Wrapping Up

Don’t try and do everything yourself! To enhance your efficiency, improve your customer service and make more sales leverage specialized eCommerce tools. With these tools powering your web store, the sky’s the limit!