7 Tips on How to Make a Boring Video Interesting

January 16, 2021 Marketing

Have you ever wondered why your videos do not go viral? Do you ever wonder why not that many people enjoy your videos? Perhaps you need to spice up your videos! This article will give 7 tips on how you can turn a boring video into an interesting one.

You have probably seen a lot of viral or trending videos floating around the internet. Does it make you wonder why it catches the attention of many online viewers? Well, the answer is simple: they have employed the right way to create an entertaining video.

You do not only want your video to be interesting, but you also want your audience to remember the contents of your video as well. Your content should resound with the viewers and leave an impact, whether or not the video’s purpose is to educate, entertain, or inform.

When creating a video, in addition to filling your content with interesting ideas, you should also think about how it was filmed and edited. Choosing the right program will help you increase the quality of your content and make it more appealing. And by following the link you will find Best Video Editing Software for Windows.

If you want to know how to make your videos more interesting, reading this article is the right way to go. 

Here are the 7 tips on how to make a boring video interesting:

1. Choose an interesting topic

The first step to creating a video that your viewers find amusing and will also leave a positive impact is to choose an interesting topic. Depending on what the topic is, you have to have knowledge on what you are going to talk about.

If you think your topic of choice is not interesting, find an angle which you think will be interesting to your audience. Perhaps you can inject humor into what you want to discuss or change how you deliver your video.

2. Get straight to the point

Videos that seem to run around in circles are often found boring. According to research, your audience will skip your video if they do not find it interesting within the first three seconds. That is why you should create an introduction whose intentions are clear.

If you have a lot of points to talk about, it is good to break them down into segments so that you can explain each briefly. Only include necessary information so that your video will not be too long or drawling.

A good tip to keep in mind is that if there is a lot of information that the viewers need to take in, edit in some text on the screen so that they can take note of it.

3. Use the appropriate video style

There are many kinds of video styles in video production. Your video style is determined by what kind of content you want to include. However, there are some video styles, especially animation, that goes well with any kind of topic.

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4. Use narration and background music

If your video’s intention is to inform or educate, you should consider recording yourself doing a narration of what is going on or what you want to talk about. 

We suggest preparing a script beforehand so that you will not stutter while recording yourself. You might find it a bit awkward the first few times you hear yourself on record, but your video will turn out to be more informative after editing all your elements together.

If you are not able to make a quality voiceover in a video yourself, we can recommend using this great realistic AI voice generator. You can really make studio-quality voiceovers with it.

Once your narration is ready, the next step is to determine what you will use as a background for your video. You can choose to use text to highlight some important words or capture some scenes that are related to your narration.

On the other hand, background music makes your video less dull and quiet. When there is background music playing, make sure that it is not too loud or distracting.

5. Determine the right tone for your video

When you want to talk about a serious topic, you do not want to use the wrong tone unless you want your video to be casual or uplifting.

It is also suggested that your manner of delivering your video is more conversational, especially when sharing information. Imagine that you are just explaining something to a friend or colleague when recording your video.

Do not forget that you can add elements to your video to make them exciting. Simple effects, transitions, and animation can spice up any video. 

6. Don’t over-edit

To make a video more interesting, adding animation to your videos (even if they are just simple transitions) is suggested. However, you do not want to go overboard with the amount of animations that you use.

Use the same kind of transition when you want to cut from one scene to another so that your video does not look tacky. When you add text to your video, you also want to make sure that the text is visible even as your background changes. 

Typically, simplicity is the best way to go. After all, your main goal is to make your video interesting but not overwhelming.

7. Mind the length of your video

Depending on the kind of video you want to make, it is highly suggested that you keep your video short. Nowadays, a 10-minute video is already too long to watch. But if you feel confident that your content will keep your audience glued to the screen, you can have videos running for as long as 20 to 30 minutes.

According to TIME, the average attention span of humans has dropped from 12 seconds to a short eight. However, share only the main points of your video and try to make each explanation short so that you will not lose the interest of your viewers.


These 7 tips on how to make a boring video interesting should be enough to spice up your videos. If you have already made videos before, do not fret! Improvement is part of the process to make your videos going viral and reaching a wide audience.