9 Tips You Need to Know Before Buying HR Software in Dubai

March 31, 2022 Business, Career

Automation has affected every aspect of the business landscape. It has modified the way companies operate, making tasks simple and quick, that used to be both time-consuming and labor-intensive. Among such automation, the benefits of HR software can’t be overstated. 

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has witnessed great development over the years. Multiple industries have extensively developed here and expanded with enormous manpower, which increased the demand for HR software more than ever. 

However, buying HR software is a big step, and some consideration is necessary before making the final decision. 

We are going to discuss 9 tips that you need to know before buying HR software in Dubai. Let’s get started! 

1. Identify Your Requirements 

One of the greatest hindrances to the fruitful deployment of new HR software is when users realize it does not meet their requirements. Therefore, it is important that you get a clear understanding of what your company needs from HR software in Dubai before you buy it.

Get a clear idea of the number of employees the software would have to deal with. Review your current HR systems and practices, and consider what works and what does not. 

Communicate with the people involved in HR to find out what obstacles they face with the recent system and get suggestions on how things can be better.

It is also recommended to discuss with senior users to get advice on future projects that may need the software to do way more than it currently does. This is particularly important if you don’t want your software to become obsolete within a few years. 

Once you’re aware of your requirements, compose a clear specification against which you can assess the different products available in the market. 

2. Try Before You Make Your Purchase

After you determine what you need, you need to ensure that the software you select has all the functionality. 

For instance, all HR software usually includes a holiday management feature, but not all of them include payroll processing capability, so be aware.

To make sure you select the right software, ask for free demonstrations from multiple HR software providers. Many providers will agree to provide you with a free trial as well. This will enable you to check the benefits and efficiencies you expect from the system, and to point out any critical areas where the software may not meet your requirements.

You may like to create a spreadsheet containing different features offered by different systems, so you can compare the systems and find out which one will be the most beneficial for your business. 

3. Fix a Budget

The question of financing an HR system in the case of a large business may not warrant discussions, but in the case of a small business, realizing industry trends and the things required from such products is just as crucial as the budget. 

Having a budget in mind will make sure that your company gets the correct tool at the correct price.

4. Avoid Implementation, Installation, and Escalation Issues

For worry-free HR software purchasing, the best way is to look for providers who have competent and experienced IT personnel. After the installation, if you ever face any system issues, technical support teams should be available around the clock.

It is recommended to ask the software provider if they guarantee services and how long it usually takes to settle such issues. If answers to these are not satisfactory to you, you should move on to the next vendor.

5. Learn the Terms of Contract and License

A sad but understandable fact is that software vendors would prioritize their interests before they offer value-additions. This is why it is important to go through and understand any software licensing contract or agreement before you commit to one. 

Agreements should be laid out clearly and describe license terms and conditions and if required, additions and revisions demanded.

6. Integration With Other Systems

Make sure that the HR software in Dubai that you are planning to buy gives you the facility to integrate with other systems, such as your project management system, biometric systems for attendance, ERP, CRM, etc.

7. Check User Experience

Many users of HR systems, such as benefits administrators and payroll, may not get a technical orientation, and it’s very important that this software be very neat, intuitive, understandable, and easy to learn and use. 

The language used should be easy to understand, all major features should be shown on a dashboard for effortless access, and most importantly, it should be simple enough for the users to navigate across the options comfortably.

If the system does not give you the assurance of outstanding user experience and simplicity, there is no point in purchasing it. This is why self-service abilities along with user experience have become a key criterion for purchasers today.

Make sure to check the ratings and responses for the chosen software before finalizing.

8. Establish a Business Case

Now that you have chosen the right HR software for your organization in Dubai, you need to form a business case for purchasing it. For doing this, do some work assessing the cost and time savings and any other improved efficiencies you expect to achieve from using the system. 

For instance, you may be able to confirm that some automated features relating to appraisals, holidays, and absence can make the HR department so well organized and productive that they will no longer need to recruit more HR staff. 

On the other hand, there may be great advantages regarding better management information for performance management and improved business planning.

This kind of solid proof can greatly help you establish a clear business case for your investment.

9. Expect Price Changes at the Time of Implementation

Pricing changes are likely to happen at the time of system implementation. Differences in price should be pointed out with the details of additional fees when they are charged.

In spite of the fact that customer and software support have fixed pricing, installation fees along with additional hardware costs can expand your bill.

Examples of HR Software

Searching for the perfect HR software can be time-consuming, particularly if it is your first time shopping for one. Here is a list of HR applications that are highly recommended:

  • Zoho People

Multiple organizations – not only in Dubai but also in developed countries like the USA – are extensively using Zoho for its cool features. Its features will not only help you observe the performance of your staff but also enable you to arrange a meeting with them and become aware of their issues.

It also offers basic functions, such as attendance management, time tracking, employee onboarding, or appraisals. Also, all this data is absolutely secured, so you do not have to be worried about a data breach.

  • PeopleSoft HRMS

PeopleSoft HCM or PeopleSoft HRMS is a popular HR software, specially designed for manufacturing, government organizations, and large corporations. It’s an on-premise suite of software, including labor rules and monitoring, workforce management, workforce delivery service, and talent management.

Moreover, it allows organizations to remain compliant with local privy regulations. It will also enable you to appoint schedules as per business goals and forecast workload demand. It has a reliable and active customer support group, available through phone, email, and chat. 

  • GreytHR

GreytHR is a cloud-based HR management solution and is quite famous for its strong set of functionalities. It works as a centralized database where all essential personnel information ranging from work details to personal information is stored. 

Furthermore,  it traces all workers’ life-cycle activities and focuses on simplifying HR work with minimum effort. It also allows you to send reminders or alerts to employees. 

  • Oracle HCM

This powerful yet simple system provides a versatile solution to meet your flexible business practices and requirements. It will allow you to easily configure things like org charts and workforce modeling. 

This software provides an extensive set of HR modules, including time tracking, work-life solutions, talent management, payroll, and recruiting. It focuses on maximizing business outcomes by giving end-to-end solutions.

  • Peniel Technology LLC

Suitable for all sizes of businesses – large, medium, and small – Peniel Technology LLC is one of the best HR software available. It allows users to customize payroll and HR software as per their business requirements and needs.

It includes an extensive range of features, such as benefits organization, employee tracking, performance evaluations, applicant tracking, payroll systems as well as attendance, time, etc. to effectively maintain all HR-related tasks. It is capable of providing highly efficient support to any of your issues, accessible at any moment.

The Bottom Line

As long as you run proper research before purchasing HR software in Dubai, the odds of you being content with your expenditure will be quite high. 

The best way is to figure out the features your organization requires and then compare a variety of providers. Once you make a suitable decision, your company can harvest the merits of your due diligence with an efficient software solution that dramatically boosts the productivity of your organization for years to come.